Stop Chronic Pain: 6 Low-Impact Strength Exercises for Shoulders, Knees, Low Back

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If you are dealing with chronic pain in your knees, back, or even shoulders and still want to improve the strength of your body, you are in the right place. These areas are some of the most common parts of your body to be in pain, which is why I’m going to share with you 6 strength exercises to help bulletproof those areas, without making the pain worse. By doing all 6 exercises daily, your pain could disappear for good! If you aren’t sure exactly how the exercises

Low-Impact Strength Exercises for Chronic Pain Relief

Step Down

To work your knees in a low impact way, I love doing some step downs. I typically use a very small step to do this exercise, and practice bending and straightening my knee numerous times. Try to do this exercise for 30 or more repetitions, keeping your torso nice and straight and getting some blood flow and nutrients into your knee, ankle, and hips.

Single Leg RDL

In addition to this, single leg RDL’s will bolster your back strength, in a unique way. Often, we are used to bending over straight down in front of us. Because of this, we don’t gain a lot of single leg strength to bend down to the side on one leg. The single leg RDL is a great way to work both of these things, and help chronic pain in your lower back. If you want to check out the adjustable dumbbells we recommend to try this exercise, I am going to link that below.

Face Pull

We can’t forget about our shoulders, as face pulls are an excellent low impact exercise to strengthen our upper trapezius, rhomboids, and some of our rotator cuff muscles. I really like this exercise because you can do it with cables at the gym or even a resistance band as well (we will link below). If your posture is particularly poor, this will help to improve your posture muscles strength, decreasing pain and immobility in your upper body. And although those exercises are great, there are a few more that you can’t forget about.

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ATG Split Squat

Now, the ATG split squat is one of the best single leg knee and hip strengthening exercises for individuals with chronic pain. Not only do you work your knee in a very large range of motion, but you also get a nice stretch with your hip flexor in the back muscle. I also enjoy this exercise, because you can make it more difficult and challenging by lowering the foot that you have up on the object, down to the ground.

Glute Bridge

If your back is painful and weak, adding in some glute bridges might help to alleviate some of that chronic pain. The glute bridge will target your glutes, and hamstrings specifically, which can act as a support muscle for your lower back. By having your glutes strong, it can help to take off some of the stress of a movement where the lower back might be taking over.

Banded External Rotations

If those weren’t good enough, doing external rotations with a band will help your shoulder health even more. For those with chronic shoulder pain, individuals often have very weak external rotator muscles. Doing external rotations with a band, allows you to do 30+ repetitions, until you feel a light burn in the front of your shoulders. If there is any pain when doing this, try using a lighter band.

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