How To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Christmas Weight Gain: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you are trying to diet and maintain your weight, Christmas time can be an incredibly difficult time to do this. But by the end of this article, you will know exactly what you need to do to avoid gaining weight gain over the Christmas holiday, and keep your fat loss goals in tact. And by following every single tip below, you might even be able to lose weight.

Tips to Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Understand It is Just One Day

The first thing to remember is that Christmas is just one day. If you overeat just a little bit on Christmas don’t beat yourself up over it. Get back on your normal diet the next day like nothing happened. The reason that mess-ups in your diet on just one day don’t matter are due to the last and most important thing we will me talk about at the end of the video.

Look for Leaner Options First

Another great thing you can do to avoid Christmas weight gain is to look for less calorie dense and filling options like vegetables and lean meats to fill up on. Doing this before eating the Christmas cookies, high calorie casseroles, and other holiday treats will make it less likely to overeat on the food that typically leads to weight gain.

Bring Your Own Dishes

And if you are going to Christmas parties, bringing your own dish could be a great option to avoid Christmas weight gain. This allows you to know exactly how the food was prepared, so you can monitor the amount of fat, sugar, and other ingredients often used in excess when making unhealthy Christmas food. But that’s not all as we still haven’t addressed some of the most important things.

Don’t Stop There

But before we get into that, if you want to avoid weight gain not just on Christmas and the holidays, but throughout the entire year, you need to subscribe to our blog, as we create articles helping individuals of all abilities lose weight that lasts.

Be Honest With The Foods You Want

And although bringing your own dish is a great option to avoid Christmas weight gain, you also need to be honest with what foods you really want to eat. You probably will have a large assortment of Christmas treats and food to eat from at your parties and meals. Just because you have all these foods, doesn’t mean you need to eat them all. Ask yourself “what foods do I really want” and enjoy a good portion of those, forgoing the other food that is available.

Calories Are King

The last and most important thing to remember is that calories will dictate your Christmas weight gain. If you don’t overeat on calories by following the tips above, and moderating your portions, you will not gain any weight during your Christmas meals. Just realize, much of the food on Christmas is usually high in calories and easy to overeat which is why people typically gain weight during the holidays.

One Last Thing

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