This Diet GUARANTEES Weight Loss Overnight! (just one food)

Instant Weight Loss!

I came across a pretty interesting video online the other day, claiming that eating 9 pounds of ice a day would allow you to lose weight. This article, in addition to the video above, will give my take on the video and discuss if this diet would is really right for you.

What’s the diet?

The concept of the diet addressed in the video I saw comes down to eating ice. Lots of it. Ice? The registered dietician claimed that eating ice in theory should allow you to burn some extra calories or energy, simply because the body needs to heat up the ice being consumed. Is this true? Sort of. To lose 1 pound of fat, you need to consume 3500 less calories than you burn. When it comes to consuming ice, or anything cold, it does increase your metabolic rate slightly. It was noted that you would need to eat 9 pounds of ice a day to actually achieve this calorie burn. There wasn’t anything referenced on where they got this number from, so I’d tend to believe it isn’t right. Also, anytime you consume anything your metabolic rate increases slightly. This increase is pretty minimal to your overall calorie expenditure, and shouldn’t really be considered when trying to lose weight. Even if it’s just room temperature water. So what’s the deal here? Should you do the diet? One thing I wanted to note was that any change in temperature drastically, will increase metabolism slightly. This should give you some extra guidance on how silly this diet really is. Simply because the same logic could be applied to really hot food.

The Big Problem

A huge problem I have with this video is that the registered dietician in the video is used as a point of authority. It was even asked if they think one should consume the diet. Instead of flat out saying “no” the dietician, simply said “it is highly unlikely” that anyone would be able to do this. This is not good, because so many people will take this advice at face value and still try the diet out, simply because they found it online. At the end of the video, the dietician even noted that fad diets aren’t really worth it, and that eating right and exercising are really the way to get where you need to be. If only she said that from the start.

One More Thing..

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