Belly Fat Burner Drink That ACTUALLY Works? No Dieting Or Exercise!

Burn Your Belly Fat for Good

“If you drink this daily, you will be able to burn belly fat, without dieting or exercising.” This was a claim from a video that I watched on YouTube the other day. Although this sounds promising, there is quite a lot to unpack when something like this is said. And with an idea that “drinking this allowed her to lose 20 pounds in two weeks,” there must be something special in this drink. Let’s analyze the truth about this belly fat burner drink, if it can work for you, and what you need to know to lose weight that actually lasts.

What’s in the Drink?

Believe it or not, there was actually only 5 total ingredients in this “fat burning drink.” These ingredients were, 1 cup of cooked oats, 2 cups of green tea, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder, and a pinch of honey. I know what you’re thinking, “Logan, there’s got to be more that!” These were the only ingredients detailed, which were then blended together, and suggested to consume three times a day before every meal. “But what about the combination of ingredients? Doesn’t that help to burn fat?” Let’s take a look at the separate ingredients and see how they might be able to help burn belly fat.


Oats are a high fiber carbohydrate, which many people enjoy eating when they are dieting. As mentioned in the video, oats actually are a great tool to use for weight loss, as they fill you up much better than low fiber carbs.

Green Tea

In addition to this, green tea was expressed to help burn belly fat better. Green tea does have a bit of caffeine in it, which may help to blunt your hunger and may very slightly raise your metabolism. Both of these outcomes are due to the caffeine in green tea, and offer don’t offer significant results.


Cinnamon tastes great, but other than a very small improvement in blood glucose management, that is really all it is good for.

Turmeric Powder

The turmeric powder added doesn’t offer any assistance to weight loss at all. In fact, the only studies on turmeric have been done for joint pain, which are currently not promising.


And lastly, honey doesn’t offer any magical fat loss benefits. Honey actually contains a fair amount of calories per teaspoon, which could make weight loss tougher.

What’s the Catch?

So in short, none of these items are inherently “fat burning.” Some of the ingredients might assist in weight loss to some degree, but not because the drink itself does this. “But she said she lost 20 pounds of weight!” For starters, 20 pounds of actual fat weight is a large amount of weight for most people to lose in two weeks. I’m guessing that she lost a large amount of water weight, and exaggerated the results a bit. If this drink allowed her to consume less calories per day than she needed, she could have lost some weight. Again, not because of the drink was “fat burning,” but rather, it allowed her to eat less food overall.

Hold On One Moment!

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The Huge Issue

The huge issue with all of this, was the claim from the start of the video that you can “burn belly fat with this drink, without diet or exercise.” The problem with this claim is that you can’t burn belly fat directly with any pill, drink, or exercise. In addition to this, she also says at the end of the video that “with mindful eating and exercise you can burn your belly fat,” completely going back on the claim at the beginning.

Should You Drink It?

I’ll be completely honest, I wouldn’t waste your time with this drink. Feel free to try it, but know that at the end of the day, nothing special about it will make you lose weight in your stomach. If the drink is a tool that gets you to eat less calories, then by all means do it. Because as we established, the only way to lose lasting weight is by eating less calories per day than you burn.

One Last Thing..

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