Lose Belly Fat Forever With This ONE Simple Exercise

What Exercise Should You Do?

What exercise should you do to lose belly fat forever? Cardio? Weight Training? Ab Exercises? These are all options that most people do to try to lose weight in their stomach. This article will detail the one simple exercise you can start implementing to lose belly fat forever. This exercise is so simple that you can do it today, with little time, and completely free.

How Does One Lose Weight?

Before we can talk about the exercise that you can start doing to lose belly fat forever, we need to talk about how weight loss occurs in the rest of your body. Weight loss occurs when you are in a calorie deficit, meaning that you are eating less calories per day than you burn. If you burn 2500 calories a day, and are eating 2000 calories, you will be in a 500 calorie deficit. Now that we have addressed this, we can look at losing belly fat specifically.

How To Lose Belly Fat Forever

When it comes to losing belly fat, it actually is no different from losing fat throughout the rest of your body. But what about the simple exercise to burn your belly fat? Well, the exercise that you need to be doing is actually a mental exercise. This mental exercise is practicing being in a calorie deficit. This can be done by figuring out how many calories you burn, building determination in making healthy food choices, and learning how different foods affect your hunger. Doing this exercise daily will allow you to be in a calorie deficit and lose your belly fat. No specific belly exercises, cardio, or pills will help you do this.

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