Agility Training for Older Adults Balance: Coordination and Fall Prevention Exercises

Improve Your Quickness

Seniors looking to improve the quality of life to the highest, and reduce the risk of falling, adding in some structured quickness drills can help us tremendously. The rest of this article, in addition to the video link above, will describe a few great agility quickness trails that older adults can do to improve their quickness, which war, intern, help to reduce the risk of falls. By working on these exercises daily, you’ll be able to improve your balance, so well, that you may never fall again.

Why Agility?

You may be wondering ,”why we are doing agility and quickness drills for seniors?” “Isn’t that just for athletes and people who want to run fast? Well as much those people do benefit from doing those activities, older adults often lose their ability to move quick as age. Because of this, the muscle fibers that help to move quick become week. Doing structured agility and quickness drills to help improve speed, is crucial in remaining independent, and having a high-quality life. Let’s look at a few ways we can work quickness with a set of agility cones.

Agility Training for Older Adults

All of these exercises will use agility cones, which we will link below. The package that we use also adds in a set of balance hurdles as well, which are a great balance tool. If you are looking for video demonstrations on watch each exercise looks like, and how to perform them properly, please check out the link above.

Square Run

Set up, your agility comes in a square, and practice racing around them as fast as you can clockwise and counterclockwise.

Shuttle Run

A classic exercise that works for ability to move quickly forward and backward with your cones about 10 feet apart.

Shuttle Run With Reach

Similar to the last exercise, although we are adding a slight reach down to touch the cone, increasing strength and leg muscles.


Setting up your cones in a T, will practice racing forward to the middle, going to the side, left or right, touching the cone, back to the other side, and then all the way back up to the front. A lot of moving parts, so make sure to check out the video for details.

Slalom Forward and Backward

Really test your ability to change your center of gravity very quickly as you will snake around the cones as fast as you can.

Slalom Right and Left

Playing off the last one, you’ll practice the same slow except your eyes will be facing in a different direction as you move laterally this time through the cones.

Get Up and Go

A classic agility and fall prevention exercise. This one you will start in a chair and have a cone 10 feet in front of you, then you will get up go around the cone as quickly as you can.

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