Exercise Physiologist REVEALS 9 Ways to Survive the Gym in 2023

Just Starting Out in the Gym?

I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in exercise physiology in 2019. Since then, I have coached health and fitness to 1000’s of people ranging from people in the general public, adolescents, seniors, and even individuals with disabilities. These individuals often hold so many thoughts and perspectives about fitness, health, and the gym, that are just flat out wrong. Today, I hope to give you some practical wisdom to squash some of the same thoughts you might have about working out in 2023, making this a year you finally survive going to the gym. The last tip is the most important one, so make sure to read to the end for that.

How To Survive The Gym in 2023

Don’t Overthink The Start

When first starting out, there are so many different questions you will have. Should I do cardio? Weights? Yoga? It can be so overwhelming that you just quit from the start. The best advice I give people is to try out literally everything. Do some machines, take some classes, and find something you enjoy. Don’t stress out at the beginning, and realize that just doing anything for your body is a great start.

Anchor Ways To Make it More Enjoyable

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t enjoy working out. You get sweaty, tired, and it’s kind of tough. This is why finding ways to make your workout more pleasurable are a great way to survive the gym in 2023. Bring your favorite music. Wear your favorite workout clothes. Occasionally treat yourself after the gym with a smoothie. When first starting out, these external sources of motivation can be a great way to give you some drive.

Limit Cell Phone Use

Cell phones can be great to increase are productivity, stay in touch with friends, and much more. Unfortunately, they can also be a huge distraction as well. I have spent countless sessions at the gym scrolling on my phone, sometimes burning 10-15 minutes in between a set because I come distracted. If you use your phone for music. Do you best to keep it in a gym bag, only taking it out for an emergency.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Now when you are first beginning in the gym, you will probably notice that there are so many others there as well. Some might look and move like you, while others.. well.. are extremely fit. This is where you want to avoid comparing yourself to these people. They have been working out for years, so don’t judge yourself for not looking like them.

Realize No One is Judging You

In addition to this, you might think that these same people are judging you, but I promise you, they aren’t. As someone who has been working out for over 10 years, it makes me happy to see someone new come in. You can ask anyone who has been working out for a while and they will tell you, they aren’t in there to impress or judge other people. They simply want to get their workout in, and get out. And that’s all fine, but there is still more to cover.

Feeling Better About the Gym?

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Have A Game Plan

Earlier in the article, we talked about how being on your phone can be a huge time waster. In addition to this, not having a game plan of what you are going to do can be equally as bad. After you have figured out the layout of the gym, what machines and exercises you like and want to do, implementing a daily workout from that is crucial. This will save you time by limiting the decision fatigue that comes with “free-styling” a workout. If you need an idea of a daily program, we created a cheap one you can find below.

Make It Social

One of the best ways to promote adherence to the gym, is involving your friends and family in it. This not only makes your environment more health-promoting, but also adds a social component to working out. When you do this you improve your mental health greatly. In addition to this, having social support around makes it easier to move through workouts when you aren’t in the mood.

Know Your Reason

In addition to social connection, understanding the reason why you are working out is important for long term results. Try to craft a reason that is deep to your emotion. An example of this could be, wanting to lose ten pounds because you have always wanted to fit into a Large sized shirt. This gives a source of motivation and reason to keep going, even when days get tough.

Expect Failure to Come

And when days do get tough, understand that it will be okay. You are human, and life will get in the way. You won’t always feel motivated to exercise, eat healthy, and get high quality sleep. When these slip-ups happen, accept it, and move on the next day. As I am writing this article, the last couple days I have felt down in my energy and haven’t really pushed my workouts. Today, I feel a little better and went for it! Not all days will be perfect, so expect this slip ups, and move on.

I Forgot Something!

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