11 Best Stretch Band Exercises for Seniors (Low-Impact Strength Training)

Build Your Strength

If you are a senior and looking for a few great ways to improve your strength from home, we’ve got you covered. The video above demonstrated some of the best stretch band exercises that you can do to get a full body workout for yourself. If you don’t already have a stretch band, I am going to link below my favorite one that you can try out for yourself. Otherwise, you can view the video above for full descriptions of what all of the movements look like! I will also note the names of the exercises below for your reference.

Biceps Curl

Seated Chest Press

Seated Banded Leg Press

Banded Bent Over Row

Band Pull Apart

Lateral Raises

Shoulder External Rotations

Seated Crunches

Seated Shoulder Press

Upright Rows

Banded Walks

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