How to Use a Lat Pull-down Machine With Bad Shoulders

My Shoulders Hurt!

The lat pull-down machine is a great piece of equipment to use at the gym. There is only one problem. Sometimes it causes shoulder pain in individuals! Today, I am going to share with you a couple of quick tweaks you can make to this exercise to reduce pain in your shoulders. Make sure to view the video above for full lat pulldown troubleshooting tutorials.

How to Use a Lat Pull-down Machine With Bad Shoulders

Hand Width

The first tweak you can make is with your hand width on the bar. To put it simply, the further out you have your hands on the bar, the more internal rotation force you put on your shoulders, the closer you bring it to your chest. Bring your hands in a bit usually helps to alleviate some pain. If that doesn’t work, try the next fix.

Hand Grip

In addition to hand width, you can also change your hand grip on the lat pulldown bar. Instead of having your hands facing away from you when gripping the bar (pronated grip), you will instead have your hands facing towards you when gripping the bar (supinated.) This small change usually will help to alleviate most shoulder pain when doing this exercise. If you have a neutral grip attachment at the gym (hands facing towards each other), this can be a great alternative as well. I am going to leave an affiliate link below, if you wanted to check out a neutral grip attachment you can purchase for yourself.

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