How To Use a Leg Press Machine With Bad Knees

My Knees Hurt!

If you enjoy using the leg press machine at the gym, but struggle to use it consistently because your knees often hurt when doing it, today that is all going to change. This article detail why you might have any pain when doing a leg press, and make simple modification to hopefully easier pain. Feel free to check out the video above, for a full step-by-step detail on how to solve the problem.

What’s The Problem?

Sometimes, when you get onto a leg press machine, you put your knee in a position that might put a bit too much stress on it. This position usually involves your knee going past your toes, to a point when your knees aren’t strong enough to handle the load. An example of this is when you go down for a squat, and you notice your knee goes over your toe to a point where it causes pain. If you sit back into the squat a little bit more, this usually takes off some of the pressure from your knee. Having your knees go over the tow isn’t bad per se, but if you aren’t used to it, it might aggravate your knees.

Applying It To The Leg Press

This same idea can be applied directly to the leg press when we sit into it. When you put your feet up onto the leg press plate, and your feet are too low, this could put your knee in that compromised position we addressed above. To fix this, you can place your feet, a little bit higher on the leg press plate, as well as making sure your toes are pointed out slightly, with your knees, tracking in line with your feet when you push. This should alleviate some of the pressure that you might be having with your bad knees. Over time, when you get stronger in this position, you can bring your feet down slightly, placing more load through the knee again. If you are confused at all with this description, make sure to check out the video above to see a full walk-through of how it looks.

Hold On!

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