Understand This ONE Thing to Be Fit in 2023 (and beyond)

2023, The Year You Become Fit

As we move into 2023, some of us might be hitting our health and wellness goals in stride, while others are struggling to find the willpower to keep going on. Finding the daily “oomf” to be fit, is a common trend among individuals that just started their fitness journey in the new year. But this isn’t the only person who deals with this. People who have been working out for years, also deal with lulls in motivation and desire to be fit. What sets apart people who stick to their fitness and health goals, and those who fail? There is one HUGE thing to consider that will honestly change everything.

Here’s The Problem

When you first start out in making your life healthier, you have so much energy and motivation to do so. You buy yourself new clothes, start shopping organic, and make hitting the gym a non-negotiable priority. Until… the motivation quickly goes away. You wager if swapping a salad for a burger is really worth your time, and if getting all sweaty while working out even makes a difference. Even as someone who has been working out for a large portion of my life, I still go through these feelings almost daily. The thing that always brings me back into my health-promoting behaviors is my “why.”

The Mindset Switch

What’s your “why?” My why, or reason I remain healthy, goes back to why I first started working out. At family reunions I noticed that everyone was very overweight, always complaining of health issues, some of whom died very young. When I become unmotivated and not feeling like I want to workout, I go back to this why. I don’t want to become unhealthy. I don’t want to have poor mobility. I don’t want to die young. Instead, I am going to do what is in my control to make sure I minimize the chances of these things happening. Going into your mind and understanding deeply why you are starting a fitness goal, or anything in life, can be a source of endless motivation.

Consider This

So as we move through this year, I have to ask again, “what’s your why?” When you are struggling to pick up your workout shoes, push an extra rep at the gym, or put down that second helping of dessert, going back to this why can help give you the power you need to do what you desire to do.

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