9 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight From Working Out

Why Isn’t It Working?

Weight loss is a tricky thing that has a lot of moving parts. You need to manage your stress, watch what you eat, and make sure you are being physically active. But sometimes it seems that you might be doing everything, but it just isn’t working. Recently, we dissected an article written from health.com describing the “9 reasons you’re not losing weight from working out,” in our live stream recording above. We give our take on the nine points given, and see if they line up with what the writer of the article said. Check out the recording above, or briefly view the few points I outlined below.

What’s Going Wrong?

You Aren’t Eating Whole Foods

This might be the case as sometimes eating foods that are highly processed are more calorie dense, making it easier to overeat and gain weight.

You Are Eating Too Much

100 % true. Weight loss is dictated by the overall amount of calories you burn vs. consume.

You Are Doing Too Much Cardio

I don’t fully agree with this statement, as you will note in the recording above, as doing more cardio would actually burn more calories. As we just discussed burning more calories usually leads to weight loss.

You Aren’t Lifting Weights

This is my favorite tip. Lifting weights builds muscle, which is metabolically active at rest. This means you can burn more calories sitting and doing nothing. Add in weights to lose more weight. Boom!

You’re Cutting Out Food Groups

This might be true to do some degree. I think people demonize fat or carbs, etc., when trying to lose weight. In all reality none of these will really make you more fat than the other, as long as your calories are balanced okay.

Your Workouts Aren’t Intense Enough

Yes and no. You do need to push hard in your workouts to get results. With that said, if you stay in the gym longer and do more, but don’t go as hard (30 minute jog vs 15 minute run) the overall amount of work for the most part will negate itself.

You Are Under Too Much Stress

This one is usually a stretch for most people. Overtraining typically doesn’t happen unless you are a very high level athlete who is doing LOTS of lifting, running, etc. Although it could be true, you are probably just not doing enough.

You Aren’t Recovering Well

Recovery is so important with weight loss. If you aren’t recovering, in particular getting enough sleep, this can spell disaster on your overall feelings of vigor and weight loss.

You’ve Plateaued

This should be a “duh” moment. You aren’t losing weight because you are either eating too much, or not burning enough calories (exercise.) I fully agree with this point made in the article.

Final Word

As you can see, there were some points I agreed with, while others were kind of in the middle. Feel free to check out the full recording above. In addition to this, make sure to subscribe to our blog. We help individuals of all abilities navigate the gym, and become healthier in life. Otherwise I’m going to link another article below that I think you would also enjoy.

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