Achieve Your Dream Body in 2023: 11 Secrets to FINALLY Reach Your Fitness Goals

This Is Your Year

There is quite a bit of information out there on the internet on different ways you can improve your health, fitness, and overall body composition. In our most recent podcast, we addressed 11 secrets you can use to finally stick to your fitness goals in 2023, and get that dream body you deserve. The tips will be outlined below, with the full recording of the podcast linked above.

11 Secrets to FINALLY Reach Your Fitness Goals

Delete Social Media

Social media can be a tough thing to have, as you often compare yourself to others who are more fit and better looking. By limiting use and getting rid of it, you can squash this comparison greatly.

Avoid All or Nothing Mentality

If you slip up on your diet, not all hope is lost. Simply get back on it the next day. Achieving your dream body isn’t all or nothing. By picking up on your normal routine, after you slip up, you will be on a one way ticket to a better body with better health.

Know Your Why

Why are you starting your fitness journey? You need to know exactly what is driving and motivating you. Knowing this will directly help to push you to keep going, even when you don’t feel like it.

Try to Set the Bar Low

So many people are filled with motivation and want to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, this often leads to frustration, loss of motivation, and overall quitting. Set your goals low at the start to build some momentum, building up over time.

Focus on Everyday Activities

So many people get caught up on losing 10 pounds, and things way outside of their reach. The only way to get towards these goals are by focusing on everyday activities, like drinking water at meals, or eating vegetables three times a day, and doing them consistently.

Pace Yourself

So many people are often trying to achieve their health and fitness goals overnight. Doing this can lead to burnout and quitting, due to motivation being lost quickly. By pacing yourself, and focusing on the small activities we just addressed, you can avoid this entirely.

Be Flexible on Change

You will fail at times. Simple as that. Will you look at failure as a learning opportunity or an actual failure. By pivoting when you come across failure, and being flexible to change, you are on your way to achieving and fitness, health, and wellness goal you desire.

Be Honest With Yourself

The reason you are trying to change isn’t from anything crazy. You probably drink too much, eat too much, and don’t exercise and take care of your health. By being honest with yourself and taking responsibility on your current state, you can start to take some action in the right direction.

Make Your Changes Easier and Pleasurable

By changing your environment to make being healthier and fit easier and more pleasurable, you are more likely to make these behaviors into daily habits. An example of this could be bringing your favorite low sugar drink and music to the gym with you when you are working out.

Enjoy What You’re Doing

So many people will do exercises they hate, because they think they will achieve superior results. What often happens is they don’t stick with the exercise, quit their health promoting behaviors altogether, and end up back to where they were before. Pick some type of exercise and diet you could see yourself doing for a long time.

Shift Your Identity

You are someone who takes care of their health. You are someone who prioritizes their body. Change your identity about who you are, and the actions you take, and your dream body and ideal wellness state will gravitate directly towards you.

Before You Go

Before you head out, consider subscribing to our blog, as we make articles helping individuals of all abilities navigate the gym, health, and fitness industry. Otherwise, you might be interested in this other article I created below as well.

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