Pain on Inside of Knee: What’s Really Causing It and How to Fix It

Pain on Inside of Knee: OUCH!

Having pain on the inside of your knee is incredibly annoying for two main reasons. The first reason is of course the agonizing pain it is bringing. The second one is how difficult it is to truly know what’s actually causing it. This article will outline one of the reasons why you might have pain on inside of your knee, and what you can really do about it. I think you will be incredibly surprised about what’s really going on.

What’s Going On?

One of the most common reasons for pain on the inside of the knee is due to excessive valgus load on your knees. Another way to think about this is your knees caving in. Of course, to get rid of your pain for this reason, we need to bring your knees out more, and not cave in. One of the ways we can do this is by strengthening the glute medius muscle, which is located near your outer hip.

Exercises To Fix Pain on Inside of Knee


The first way we can strengthen the glute medius is by doing some clamshells. Lay down on your side, with your hips facing the wall. Bring your knees and hips both into a 90 degree position. Next, you will bring the knee of whichever leg is on top up as high as you can, while keeping your feet together, mimicking a “clamshell.” Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions and repeat on both sides.

Side Lying Leg Raise

Once you’ve finished that one, you can move on to the side lying leg raise. Lay down on your side once again, but with your legs straight out. Next, you will bring your leg up as high as you can up towards the sky. Make sure you are pointing your heel “up” towards the sky, instead of pointing your toe up. This will work the muscle more directly. Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions, of course completing on both sides.

Side Pushes

Those first two exercises are great, but simply not enough. This is why we need to implement some side pushes, which have you on your feet, taking big steps back on forth. When you are doing this, make sure you are really “pushing” through the outside of your foot hard as you take your steps. Although it seems goofy, this is targeted the glute medius muscles quite a bit. And although this movement is great, we can’t forget about the last few.

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Side Shuffles With a Band

Once you’ve mastered those first few, you can move on to side shuffles with a band. This uses ankle resistance bands, which we will link below for purchase. Once you have an ankle band, simply put it around your ankles. Next, you will bend your knees and take large steps side to side with the band, keeping distance on the band with each step. A good way to think about this, is never getting your feet close together.

Full Squats With a Band

Last but not least is doing full squats with a band. Take the resistance bands you were just wearing, and slide them up to your knees. Next, you will practice doing squats with the band on. You will notice that the band forces your knees to stay out, otherwise they will cave in. This is the exact movement we are trying to fix! Only go as low as you comfortably can, and do 3 sets of 8 slow repetitions.

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