Painful and Weak Knees? – THESE Habits are Ruining Them!

Having weak and painful knees is incredibly common among individuals across the life span. Because of this, trying to find out exactly what you can do to help reduce the weakness and pain in your knees is usually on the mind for these people. Unfortunately, they may be doing a few small things in their daily lives that could ACTUALLY be increasing the overall pain and weakness in their knees. This article, in addition to the video above, will highlight some small habits that you might be doing that are RUINING your knees, and making the pain and weakness even worse. Make sure to address ALL of the things discussed in the video above, and the description below, otherwise your knee pain and weakness could stay their forever.

Habits Making Your Knee Pain and Weakness Worse

Not Exercising Your Entire Body

This is a common thing I notice many individuals doing. Most people think that because they have weak knees and pain, they need to focus on the knee itself. Although targeted strengthening to this area is important, you also need to be strengthening the muscles around the knee joint as well. If your hips, ankles, and even your core are not as strong as your hips, then all of the stress those muscles and joints take will then be placed upon your knee. If you are participating in weight training, which I highly recommend you do, make sure to focus on muscles both at the knee joint, and around the knee joint as well. If you are interested in following a full body exercise program, we have designed a low impact exercise program, and fall reduction program, that has helped NUMEROUS beginners keep strong and steady on their feet.

Not Getting Enough Protein and Other Nutrients

Protein helps repair all of the structures in our body. If you are not getting enough protein, all of the structures around your knee are not able to recover as efficiently. Because of this, pain, weakness, and feelings of discomfort can follow. In addition to this, not getting enough micronutrients, through fruits and vegetables, can increase inflammation around the joints which can make pain and weakness much worse. Lean sources of protein like chicken breast, fish, and lean beef are great sources. In addition, I also use PE Science Protein Powder on occasion, to fill in the gaps. (It tastes delicious. Feel free to check out my Amazon Associate Link HERE for the protein powder, if you are looking for some extra protein to help increase strength in your knees.

Being Overweight or Obese

Being overweight or obese can lead to numerous negative health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. In addition to this, having too much extra fat on your body can also increase the overall stress on the joints (specifically lower body.) All of this extra stress is getting put on.. you guessed it.. hips, knees, and ankles. If you are able to maintain a BMI of ideally less than 25, this will put you out of the overweight category, decreasing the pain and weakness in your knees. If you want to find out what you BMI is, I have added a resource below for you to use.

Doing Too Much Physical Activity

Although I am a huge proponent to people being physically active, there is a fine line. If you are pushing your boundaries too much, these can actually increase your pain and weakness in your knees. Pushing activity too hard, doesn’t give your body time to rest and recover. If you are doing this consistently, your knees will start to hate you. Make sure you are getting active, but listen to your body when rest is needed.

Avoiding Certain Activities

This is something I run into all of the time with many of the older adults I work with. Somebody told them that “squatting is bad for your knees” or “you shouldn’t bend that way.” Here’s the thing. Your body is extremely adaptable if given the appropriate load and time to adjust to that exercise or position. If you can’t squat without knee pain, for example, you shouldn’t avoid doing squats. Instead, you should adjust the squat to try to find a level appropriate for you to work at. Life requires us to move in a variety of different movements, so avoiding the movement may seem like a good idea.. until you actually need to perform the movement.

These are just a few of many great things you can do to help reduce your knee pain and weakness. Be sure to stay consistent with fixing these habits, to help you get rid of your weak knees and pain for good!

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