This Gadget CURED My Insomnia Overnight

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Up to 50% of adults currently are dealing with some sort of insomnia or sleep disturbance. I used to be one of those individuals, until I started picking apart by sleep habits and environment. I want to show you one of the tools I use that changed my sleep forever, and how I use it to get perfect sleep. This device can change your life as much as it did to me.

What Did You Use?

Enter the Sunlight Lamp

The device that I have been using for nearly three years now for perfect sleep, is called a sunrise lamp. This lamp is not just a normal lamp, but combines a lot of different features that can help to cure your insomnia. The main feature is that it can “mimic” the sunrise and sun fall. You can also use it as an alarm, in addition to a radio as well. Next, I want to share with you exactly how I use this for perfect sleep.

Want to Get One?

Going to Bed

Since there is an alarm that is actually combined into the sunrise clock, this allows me to not need my phone as an alarm. Often time, people will sleep with their phone next to them, leading them to scroll endlessly on their device, before actually falling asleep. With the internal clock giving me an alarm, I actually place my phone in a completely separate room. This matters greatly for when I wake up too. Next, there is a sunset button you can press that turns up the brightness very bright. This button then slowly dims over 30-60 minutes depending on how long you want it to last. During this time, I like reading a book and letting the “sunset” slowly put me to sleep.

In the Morning

In the morning, the complete opposite happens. About 10 minutes before I want the alarm to wake me, it turns on a very faint light into my room. Over the next ten minutes the light progresses into an even brighter light. Once it has reached my wake up time, a sound of either birds chirping, waves crashing, or rain sounds adds on to the light. This is so much more pleasant to wake up to, compared to a “normal” alarm clock sound. Since I set my phone in the other room, I’m also not tempted to scroll on my phone in the morning, either. I get up, turn the alarm off, and am forced to walk to the other room to get my phone. Doing this really helps to improve my overall sleep quality as well. The cool thing, is that at this point, I usually wake up at the light itself and not even the alarm clock mechanism.

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