Knee Pain When Bending? These PROVEN Physical Therapy Exercises Will Help!

Stop The Pain!

How many times have you dealt with knee pain when bending your knees? It’s probably too many to count! With all the daily activities of life eating up crucial time in our day, it is often difficult to find dedicated time to dealing with your knee pain, with the end goal of relieving it for good. Here’s the good news. There are so many great physical therapy exercises out there that can be used to help treat knee pain. The problem is that it is so overwhelming scouring the web for all of them! Today we will look at a few PROVEN physical therapy exercises that can help treat your knee pain and get make your knees feel alive again. Of course if there is any pain with these movements, tread lightly and don’t move through pain.

What’s The Issue?

Knee pain when bending the knee is an incredibly common occurrence in a wide variety of individuals. Most people think that doing exercises just for the knee will help it get better. Although this is somewhat true, we need to be strengthening the joints both at the knee AND around the knee. This will take off much of the stress around the knee, equally distributing it throughout the entire lower body. Because of this, the following exercises will work muscles both at the knee AND around the knee. Because of this, only doing one or two of the exercises likely won’t get you the best results. In fact, doing just one or two of these exercises could make your knee pain much worse. However, if you implement every single exercise mentioned the chances of your knee pain going away is incredibly high.

Proven Physical Therapy Exercises for Knee Pain

All the products mentioned and used to help treat knee pain will be linked down below for you to view for yourself.

Glute Bridge

For the glute bridge, you will lie back down on a bed, adjustable workout bench, or the ground, with your feet a couple feet from your butt. (We will link the bench down below if you would like one.) Next, you will drive through your feet to push your hips up to the sky as high as possible. Then, you will slowly lower your butt back to the ground. Make sure you keep your back straight the entire time, and not arching it. This will work your glutes and hamstrings.

Monster Walk

For the monster walk place an ankle band (product listed below) on your ankles. Next, you will keep your feet wide apart. Lastly, you will take large steps forward, and backwards while keeping the width on the band throughout the entire movement. This knee pain exercise will help strengthen all of the muscles around your hips and your legs to some extent.

Wall Sit

For the wall sit, you will find a sturdy wall to lean on. Next, you will place your feet about 2-3 feet out in front of you. After that, you will lower your butt so your knee is at least at a 45 degree angle, with a goal of reaching a full 90 degrees. Hold this position for thirty seconds to one minute. If this becomes easy, you can add a stability ball behind your back, to make it into a modified squat. Keep your feet in the same position, and try to keep your knees out throughout the entire movement.

Slantboard Step Up

The slantboard (calf stretch board) is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. It puts the knee in a position that can help tendon and ligament health when used over time. For this one, stand to the side of the slant board with one foot on the board. Next, you will straighten and bend the leg on the slant board numerous times. Make sure you control the movement, and repeat on both legs. You want to do this one for high repetitions (20+).

Knees Over Toes Calf Raise

For this exercise, you will find a wall and take about a 1-2 foot step away from the wall. Next, you will lean forward with your hands on the wall. After that, you will bend your knees slightly. This will bring your heels off the ground slightly. Finally, you will push through the balls of your feet to come as high on your toes as possible, while keeping your knees bent. If there is any pain with this one, try to bend the knees slightly less.

Products Mentioned

These are of course a few of many great physical therapy exercises for knee pain when bending. Make sure to practice all of them for the best results!

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