The #1 Fitness Mistake That RUINS Progress for Beginners

Don’t Do It!

There is a lot of things that many beginners do when first starting out their fitness journey that can set them up for failure. Today, I wanted to talk about an incredibly common mistake that ruins progress and leads to lots of frustration in fitness and health success for people. By following the advice detailed in the video above, and article below, you will finally be able to achieve that dream body and health status and ACTUALLY keep it!

The Big Issue

Let’s not waste any more time. The common issue that SO many beginners make when first starting out in the gym, is looking at fitness as an “end date.” Once you achieve that perfect body, or lose a pant size, or lift a certain amount of weight, you will finally feel “fit” and not have to try as hard, you reason to yourself. Unfortunately this mindset leads to many people working really hard to achieve a goal, and that spinning their wheels once they’ve gotten there. There is because of two things. One, they quickly realize that the goal they were achieving likely didn’t give them as much joy as they thought they would. And also that they still have to keep up with the work, otherwise they will lose all of their progress. Fitness isn’t a game you “win.” You can’t just achieve whatever goal you set for yourself and everything lasts. Let’s look at a better way to look at fitness.

The Infinite Fitness Game

A better way to look at fitness is that it’s an “infinite game.” Simply meaning, you should be looking at fitness as an activity or game you could play for the rest of your life. Ultimately, this is what it takes to actually be fit and healthy. Instead of working really hard to lose 10 pounds and “finally” be able to relax, how would it look if you worked half as hard and still lost 10 pounds, it just took twice as long? This is much more reasonable and won’t lead to you burning out. What’s the rush after all? As we established, to achieve long term results, you need to be doing these activities for LITERALLY the rest of your life. Start the infinite fitness game, and just keep playing, ditching the mentality you will ever be able to “win.”

One More Favor..

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I REGRET Making THESE Gym Mistakes (as a Beginner)

When you first begin your journey into working out and becoming a healthier version of yourself, there are so many things to consider. Where am I going? What will I wear? What should I do? There are SO many things to think about, that we often make mistakes along the way, simply due to all…

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