How to Use a Ballet Barre to Improve Balance in Beginners

It’s So Simple!

This article, in addition to the video above, will detail how you can use a ballet barre if you are just starting out. It might seem like a ballet barre is just for high level ballet enthusiasts, but it can actually be used for seniors and beginners to improve balance as well.

What’s The Use?

If you are just starting out with a ballet barre, you can use it for a couple different things.

Balance Drills

The first thing I always like to use it for when working with seniors, is a way to hold on to something when doing balance drills. Holding on to a wall or an object is sometimes awkward and can be unsteady. A ballet barre offers a perfect foundation for you to practice balance drills, without the risk of falling, just as demonstrated in the video above.

Functional Movements

Another way I like to use a ballet barre with beginners is to offer assistance when doing functional movements. Functional movements, like squats for example, take a lot of balance to do on their own. Sometimes I use a ballet barre to take some of the balance aspect out of the movement, and focus on the mechanics without it. You can use the ballet barre as a form of sturdy assistance on any type of functional movement. Try it out!

Want To Get One?

I am going to link below a ballet barre you can purchase for yourself, if you want to try it out at home.


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