THIS Homemade Sports Drink is BETTER Than Gatorade

Need Something to Drink?

During the summer, you’re tired and dehydrated. What do people often turn towards instead of drinking bland old water? Gatorade. Now, Gatorade is great for hydrating your body, but unfortunately it is very expensive and also lacking in a certain electrolyte lost in sweat. This article, in addition to the video linked above, will briefly discuss my secret recipe for a homemade sports drink better than Gatorade.

Let’s Get Hydrated

Before you get started with the recipe, we of course need just a few ingredients. I will link these supplies and ingredients below, so you can check them out. These supplies and ingredients include:

1/4 TSP Measuring Cup


Morton Lite Salt

Flavoring Packets

64 oz. Water Bottle

The Recipe Itself

This recipe is incredibly easy, once you have all the ingredients. All you have to do is take, one serving of the regular salt (1/4 tsp), one serving of Morton lite salt (1/4 tsp), 1 flavoring packet, and put it in the 64 oz jug of water you have. If you haven’t already put water in the jug, do it now. I recommend putting the water in after, as this mixes much better with all of the salt and flavoring packet. Once you’ve done that, your good to go!

What’s The Difference?

The reason why this homemade blend is so much better is for two main reasons. The first main reason, is how cheap this mix is. Where I buy my lite salt, regular salt, it costs me about $3.50 for those items. The flavoring packets range from 3-6 dollars depending on how many I get and what brand. So for essentially $10 roughly, you get 10-20 64 oz bottles of “homemade” Gatorade. It would simply depend on how many packets you get. On top of that, the electrolyte ratio is better, because the lite salt adds a good boost of potassium. Normal Gatorade, if you drank 64 oz, would only have 853 mg of sodium, and 240 mg of potassium. If you take our homemade mix, you get 880 mg of sodium and 350 mg of potassium per 64 oz. So as you can see, the electrolyte balance is boosted a tough on sodium, with a large amount in potassium. Now, having a little bit of sugar in this, would help to hydrate better. However, many of the individuals who read my blog struggle with weight control and diabetes, which is why this is a sugar free version. Feel free to eat a piece of fruit with the drink, or add a pinch of table sugar in it to boost that aspect as well. Mess with the flavor and salt ratios, to find the best suited option for you!

There’s More!

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