How to Effectively Walk in Place (to burn more fat)

Let’s Walk in Place!

Ready to turn your living room into a fat-burning machine? Walking in place can burn nearly 150 calories per hour done. This blog, in addition to the video linked above, will briefly discuss how you can walk in place effectively to burn more calories, and also give you a few more ways to make your walking in place workout even harder! Remember, consistency is key in any fitness journey. So, lace up those sneakers, clear some space, and let’s get moving!

How to Effectively Walk in Place

When it comes to the technique of walking in place, we don’t need to overthink this. We want to walk with relatively the same technique in place, that we would do normally. Simply being, you will walk opposite arm opposite leg. Another way to think about this is by bringing up your right knee as high as you can, and at the same time, bring up your left arm as high as you can. After that, you will then reverse it the other way, essentially marching in place. Some key things to note as that the higher you bring your arm and leg, the more calories you will burn. Also, the faster you do the movement, the more calories you will burn. So try to be intentional with this! Now that we’ve seen the basic technique, let’s look at a few ways to burn even more calories when walking in place.

Holding On To Weights

Holding on two dumbbells or heavy objects around your home is a great way to burn more calories walking in place. This extra weight will pull you down to the ground harder, forcing your muscles to exert more energy to assist you along!

Stepping to a Stepper

Adding in a stepper is another way to make walking in place a calorie torcher. The stepper can be used as a physical object to actually step up onto, or completely over. You can also just have the stepper as a simple landmark for your body to reach for so you are consistently getting to the same height with your legs.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are similar to the dumbbells in that they are pulling your weight further down to the ground, challenging your muscle more. But for these specifically, these will focus more on working your leg muscles, as the hand weights worked your arm more.

Ankle Bands

Ankle bands work to a similar regard as the ankle weights in increasing the calorie burn while walking in place. The difference with these, is that having the band around your feet works slightly different muscles. On top of this, the tension that the band has at the top of the movement is incredibly challenging to hold, and will really force those leg muscles to work hard on the way up.

Balance Pad

A balance pad is a perfect way to challenge the stability of your body when walking in place. The added instability the balance pad provides will force your core and leg muscles to work even more, compared to normal walking in place. If you don’t have a balance pad, you can also try doing it on a folded towel or small pillow.

Backpack/Weight Vest

Imagine if you gained 20 pounds of weight today. Not maybe the best sight for yourself… but you would actually be burning more calories doing any activity if you did gain extra weight. The more you weight, the more your muscles need to do to keep you going. Now, of course, I don’t want you to gain a bunch of weight to burn more calories. But if you are lucky enough to have a weight vest, strapping that on will boost your calorie burn when walking in place tremendously! If you don’t have a weight vest, just try using a backpack with heavy objects instead!

Sample Workout

What I would do for a sample workout is simply set a timer for 10-15 minutes. Then… go to town! Implement one or a couple of the variations we showed you for more calorie burn if you would like. You could also do intervals during the workout where you walk in place fast for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds, still on the 10-15 minute timeframe. Get creative, and make sure to subscribe to our blog! We help individuals of all abilities improve their overall fitness and health. Once you’re done doing that, you might be interested in this other video I created showing you how to start a walking program once you’re ready to head outdoors!

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