How to Beat Chronic Pain While Exercising: Pain Management for Arthritis, Injury, General Soreness

Pain and Exercise

This week’s video podcast recording we talk all about chronic pain when exercising. If you are someone who is dealing with an injury, arthritis, or just wondering about general soreness after exercise, we address all of those points in the recording above. Make sure to listen in as we discuss all of the questions listed below, giving great insight on each and every one. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain yourself OR simply want to help understand pain when exercising and moving through life more, make sure to listen to the full recording above!

Topics Addressed

Why Do I Feel Pain With Exercise?

Should I Exercise If I Have Chronic Pain?

How to Modify Exercise for Pain

How to Stop Pain After Exercise

Should I Use Ice or Heat for Pain After Exercise?

Why Exercise is Important for Arthritis Pain Patients

Which Exercises Should You Avoid if You Have Arthritis?

Do Deadlifts Cause Back Pain?

Do Squats Cause Knee Pain?

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