5 Best Wrist Strengthening Exercises for Seniors: Relieve Arthritis in Hands

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Dealing with arthritis in your hands, wrists, and fingers makes activities like scrolling on your phone, typing on a computer, and cooking extremely painful and annoying for seniors. And if you’re fed up with having this nagging pain, you are in the right place. By the end of this article, you will know exactly what to do to help strengthen your wrists the right way, to get rid of your arthritis pain fast. The great thing, is that all of the exercises we will be doing will use household items. I do want to warn you, for the best results, following every single exercise, especially the last one, is crucial. Otherwise your wrist, finger, and hand pain just might linger for longer than ever.

The Best Exercises to Strengthen Seniors’ Wrists

Soup Can Curls

For soup can curls, grab a soup can or large can, placing it in your palm, so your palm is facing upwards. You will then allow the soup can to roll slightly down out of your fingers, right before it falls out of your hand. You will then curl your fingers back against the soup can, and curl your wrists up towards your arm. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions before moving on to the next exercise

Soup Can Pinches

The soup can pinch will strengthen your wrists by practicing pinching strength. Start with the can facing up and down. Next, you will simply pinch all five fingers around the circular part of the soup can, and hold it in your hand. Lastly, you will try to keep your wrist straight, so it is completely parallel to your forearm. This will work your wrist extensor muscles as well. Try holding for 3 sets of 30 seconds. And although that exercise is great, that’s not all.

Radial/Ulnar Deviation

For this strengthening exercise, you will need to grab a hammer. After that, hold the hammer like you normally would, with the head facing up. Now, slowly let the hammer head fall forward very slightly, and then use your wrist strength to bring it back up to start. After a few repetitions you can then flip it around so you the hammer is upside down. Now, you can practice ulnar deviation by trying to bring the hammer up towards the back of your forearm multiple times. I hope you liked that one, because the last two are even better.

Are We Helping Your Wrists?

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Bag Holds

This wrist exercise will involve grabbing any bag around your home, and filling it with heavy objects. We are then going to simply practice holding the heavy bag in each hand for about one minute. This strengthens your grip strength, and can be made more challenging by adding more objects or by marching in place while doing it.

Rubber Band Spreads

The last exercise, will target very small muscles in your wrist. For rubber band spreads, grab a rubber band, and place it on the outside of your fingers, making a “circle.” Now, practice spreading your fingers out as far as you can and relaxing. This is in excellent exercise for arthritis and wrist pain that seniors may be dealing with and can be done daily.

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