DEFEAT Neck Hump and Hunchback – Do THIS to Fix Pain and Posture!

Neck hump and hunchback is something that is extremely prevalent among many of the older adults that I work with. This is essentially where your upper body and neck become so rounded forward where it looks like you are leaning forward tremendously. Unfortunately, some of this is due to age related changes in your body, that can’t be fully reversed. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to manage your pain, and help you to ultimately defeat hunchback and neck hump for good!

Before You Begin

There are a few pieces of equipment that we use during the video. If you are interested in seeing the products we recommend, feel free to use our Amazon Associate link for them below.

Weight Bench from Video:

Adjustable Dumbbells:

Resistance Bands With Handles:

These will help greatly in your pursuit of fully getting rid of your hunchback. In addition to this, if you get confused on any of the descriptions of the exercises below, you can consult the video above for any extra instructions. For all exercises, try to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions or until you get tired.

Exercise for Neck Hump and Hunchback

Chin Tucks

For chin tucks, start sitting down. Next, you will simply pull your chin back into your neck, holding for a couple of seconds, and then relaxing. Make sure you aren’t looking up, and rather pulling your chin straight back into your neck.

Band Pull Aparts

With a resistance band in your hands, put your hands straight out in front of you about shoulder width apart. Next, you will pull the band apart, bringing it closer to your chest. After that, slowly ease off the tension of the band, bringing it back in front of you. Ideally, you will be pinching your shoulder blades when you pull the band towards your chest. Make sure you aren’t shrugging your shoulders when doing this, and instead, pinching your shoulder blades straight back.


For rows, start with a light dumbbell in your hand. Next, bend over at your waist, with a hand on a sturdy object in front of you. Bent over at 90 degrees, you will pull your elbow back and towards your rip cage, until you pinch your shoulder blade. Slowly lower the weight back down in position. Make sure you don’t use any momentum during this exercise.

Pec Stretch

For the pec stretch, find a sturdy wall, and place your hand directly to your side on the wall. After you do this, turn away from the wall as far as you comfortably can, allowing yourself to look “away” from your shoulder. You should feel a gentle stretch through your chest and shoulder. This will help loosen any tight muscles that might lead to hunchback. Repeat on both arms and hold for thirty seconds on each side.

Lat Pullover

For this exercise, start with a light dumbbell in your hand. Next, place your upper back on a sturdy bench or box. You will then keep your arms straight, and allow the weight to pull your back into position behind you. Hold this position for a second, before returning the weight back into position above you.

These are a few great exercise that you can do to improve your overall strength in your back and help to reduce neck hump and hunchback. Be consistent with the exercises to get the best results for yourself! If you want another program to follow in addition to this one, check out a few of the low impact exercise programs we designed below! Good luck!

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