What NO ONE Tells You About Doing Deadlifts

Only Lift Heavy?

Whether you’ve been told that you shouldn’t deadlift because they are bad for your back, or that you should only deadlift heavy, or even that you don’t need to worry about deadlifting.. I’m here to paint a different picture. The video linked above, and short blog below, will give you the insight on everything you really need to know when considering deadlifting.

Here’s The Deal..

When it comes to deadlifting, I can’t tell you how many people say to me “I just don’t need to do it.” Well, the deadlift in itself is actually just a loaded version of doing a “hinge.” A hinge, is simply where you bend at your waist to bring your torso closer to the ground. Typically this is done so you can pick something up. So when someone says that they don’t deadlift because they don’t want to hurt their back, this can lead to lots of problems down the road. If you aren’t actively practicing the movement of picking up something off the ground, and getting stronger in doing so, the second you need to move a coach, table, or even a box, you are asking for an injury. This is the paradox behind the “deadlift.” Most people avoid doing it because they don’t want to get hurt. But most people get hurt because they aren’t used to practicing the movement.

What Next?

No matter what your strength level is, you can and should be deadlifting. Some individuals might be strong enough to actually lift a barbell off the ground, while others can only deadlift a pencil. Both of these are deadlifts. One just has much more load than the other. So instead of judging yourself on what you can’t lift, start embracing moving your body. Embrace that you were designed to move in this way. And work towards building strength in this movement pattern. In time, you’ll be surprised at what you can truly accomplish!

Hold On There!

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