THIS Balance Exercise BOOSTS Mobility & Core Strength

Work Your Balance!

The video linked above details a great way for you to work your balance, mobility, and core strength all in one simple exercise! In a recent workout with one of my clients, I decided to do this exercise with her, as it directly challenges these aspects of fitness. Below, I will briefly outline the exercise for you, so you can start doing it in your workout routine!

Before You Begin

I wanted to briefly detail a couple of the pieces of equipment we used in the video above, and description below. For this balance routine, we used an object that mimics a hurdle, in addition to a medicine ball. If you wanted to check out either of these products, after you check out the video, feel free to use our affiliate links below!

Balance & Core Strength Exercise for Beginners

How to Do It

This exercise will simply have you setup a hurdle or object that you can step over to your side. With your medicine ball in front of your feet, you will bend over, pick up the ball, and toss it over the hurdle towards the left or right. After that, you will then step over the hurdle to the ball. Once in position, grab the medicine ball, and repeat the exercise the other direction. You will practice tossing the ball back and forth as quickly as you comfortably can between sides. Check out the video linked above if you have any confusion on how to perform the movement.

What Does it Work?

This exercise challenges multiple aspects of fitness. We are working our bodies ability to balance properly, when reaching down to pick up the ball, tossing it over the object, as well as stepping over the hurdle. In addition to this, we are also working our core and leg strength tremendously, as we have to use those muscles groups to reach down and pick up the ball, and toss it to the side. Overall, this workout is an excellent, low impact way to work your entire body and challenge yourself as a beginner!

Before You Leave..

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