The UGLY Truth About Getting 6 Pack Abs (5 reasons it’s not worth it)

It’s Not Worth It!

I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years at this point. I have had many ups and downs, including being very overweight, and also very lean. In this time, I have been able to hold a level of leanness, which is allow me to have a six pack almost year-round. Although it seems like it will solve all of your problems, there is a lot of ugly truths about losing lots of weight, especially if you get to the point of revealing your six pack. Today I wanted to share with you some of the ugly truths about getting six pack abs, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The Ugly Truths

It’s Very Hard to Get There

Losing weight is easy. Losing enough weight to be able to see your abdominal muscles visibly is not easy. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t realize how long it will truly take to get to six pack abs. Because of this, they often get started and see very little results in their overall ab definition when they first begin. this lack of results leads to frustration, and for a lot of people they end up quitting.

It Won’t Be Enough

If you think that achieving six pack, abs will finally allow you to rest easy, and feel confident about yourself, think again. Although you will likely feel a sense of achievement from reaching that love loveliness, you’ll probably start to notice other things you want to work on. Most people who l are lean enough to have six pack abs usually want to lose more weight, build more muscle, or have some self image issues about how they look once they are actually “lean.“ no I’m not saying that you shouldn’t strive to get a six pack, or even become more lean, but realize that if your mental health isn’t in check, you’ll be spinning your wheels, wondering how you can level up your body even more.

Nobody Cares

“I’m going to get a six pack so I can get my crush to finally like me.” there is so many people who start their fitness journey thinking that getting , a little bit of noticeable muscle mass, you already look better than 90% of the population. Most people who like a leaner looking body, don’t actually like it to be too lean. I have had conversations with so many women and men who think that “super lean and muscular individuals look gross.”

You Judge Yourself More

Before I had six pack abs, I spent very little time looking at myself in the mirror. Today, I spent significantly more time analyzing how my body looks weather before a shower, or right before bed. I will say this has gotten better over time, but I still struggle with obsessing over how my body looks occasionally. This is especially exacerbated after I’ve had a large meal with a family, or been out to eat with friends. The next day or two, I will be hyper focused on how my body looks in the mirror, to see if I really “gained any add fat back.”

You Might Look Worse

If you do end up dieting hard enough to get 6 pack abs for yourself, you might look incredibly skinny. You are probably thinking then, “what’s the issue?” The issue is if you don’t have a lot of muscle in conjunction with this leanness, your body composition might be worse. So although you may be skinnier, you might not actually look better. In addition, getting to this level of leanness comes at a cost when it comes to energy levels and hormone production. Many people who drop this low in body fat for the first time can experience drastic changes in overall vigor, including a loss of libido.

Hold On!

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