Single Best Exercise to Improve Balance & Core Strength FAST

Better Balance & Strength

Improving balance and core strength is something that many of the clients that I work with have as a primary goal. This blog post, in addition to the video linked above, will show you one of my favorite exercises that I like to use with my clients to improve balance and core strength incredibly fast.

Single Best Exercise to Improve Balance & Core Strength

The exercise that I enjoy doing involves two separate things. The first thing is throwing and catching a medicine ball. The second thing, is making sure that you are “twisting” your body when throwing the ball. This may sound like an easy exercise to do, but you can make it even harder, by bringing both of your feet together in a “heel to toe” fashion or just having them both touching together. Doing this simple tweak will allow you to work your balance even more, because we are narrowing your base. Your core strength will be challenged greatly by the “twist” you are adding to the balance exercise, before you throw the ball. Your center of gravity will rapidly change when doing this exercise, making it a perfect combo for boosting your balance and core strength. Feel free to check out the video above for a full demonstration of this exercise. (Although I didn’t have the feet placement noted in the video, the feet of my client were normal hip width distance on the ground. If you wanted to purchase a medicine ball to practice this movement at home, feel free to use my affiliate link below, to check out one on Amazon!

One More Thing..

If you want to continue to improve your health and knowledge of the gym, regardless of your current abilities in life, you need to subscribe to our blog. Otherwise, you can also check out this other exercise demonstration below, of myself teaching one of my clients how to squat with bad knees and arthritis.

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