How to Become The Fittest Version of Yourself (7 Principles of Fitness & Exercise)

Let’s Get Fit!

In order to become fit, healthy, and strong, you need to understand quite a few different things about exercise and fitness. When first starting out, this can often be extremely difficult and overwhelming. Our video podcast this week, will outline 7 principles of exercises and fitness that you need to know and consider when trying to become the fittest version of yourself. By understanding all 7 of these principles, being fit and healthy becomes (just a little) less daunting. The 7 principles discussed in the podcast were:

  1. Individualization
  2. Specificity
  3. Reversibility
  4. Overload
  5. Adaptation
  6. Progression
  7. Recovery

Now if these sound incredibly “science” focused, don’t worry, because in our podcast recording above, we break everything down into a digestible and easy to understand way. Listen in, and achieve the fittest body you can have!

One Last Thing

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