How to Use a Balance Pad to Improve Balance (Beginners & Seniors)

Better Balance, Today!

Today’s article, and the video I am going to link above, will show you how to use a balance pad for your balance training routines. Whether you are a senior who is trying to maintain mobility as they age, or a beginner who wants to work stability on their feet, this article will go over the basics of a balance pad, and how you can use it!

Before We Begin

If you don’t currently have a balance pad to use in your workout routine, let’s start there! I am going to go ahead and link my favorite balance pad that I use with my clients below. It is incredibly cheap and durable, and can also be transported anywhere with ease! I also used a walker in the video to use as assistance and for safety precautions. I will also link our recommended walker below as well.

How Does it Work?

A balance pad is simply a sturdy foam pad that someone can stand on to improve their balance. This device improves your balance, simply because the foam base provides a bit of unsteadiness. This uneven and unsteady surface, when standing on it, challenges your bodies ability to stand up tall and not move. Over time, practicing standing on this device for long durations or with added movement, can greatly work your balance and improve coordination on your feet!

How We Used It in The Video

In the video linked above, I had my client practice doing basic balance holds on the balance pad. This involves stepping up onto the balance pad and simply holding still, without moving. You can start on the balance pad with your feet in normal hip width stance. Over time, you can bring your feet touching together, or slightly staggered. Both of these variations will challenge your balance tremendously. Lastly, I had my client try to do feet together holds, while also closing her eyes. Closing your eyes makes your balance much more unsteady, so make sure you have a sturdy object to hold onto, while practicing this movement on a balance pad.

One More Thing..

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