NEW Method to FIX Hunchback! (7 Best Neck Hump Exercises)

End Your Neck Pain

If you are dealing with neck hump and poor posture, this can lead to lot’s of issues in life. Whether it is pain in the neck, or just the unattractive look, fixing your hunchback is likely on the top of your mind. Luckily, this article, in addition to the video linked above will show you some of the best neck hump exercises to help fix your poor posture in no time.

Fix Hunchback and Neck Hump

The method we are going to use involves multiple different exercises. To make sure we further exacerbate the issue, we are going to start with some gentle stretches, and then move into some light strengthening exercises. Following this method in its entirety will allow you to gain some mobility back, and strengthen the specific muscles to get your back and neck in top shape. All of the equipment we will use in the video above, and descriptions below, we will link below for you to check out.


Shoulder Dislocations

This posture exercise will get some gentle mobility through your shoulders and chest muscles. These muscles are usually very tight in individuals with poor posture and neck hump. You can technically use a broom stick or object like that to this movement, but I would instead highly recommend using a resistance band instead. This allow for more “forgiving” movement.

Ball Lean Back Stretch

For this stretch, you will grab a medicine ball and place it behind your upper back on a nice sturdy chair. Then, leaning back slowly against the ball, this will allow you to open up your chest greatly. You can either hold this exercise for a few seconds or do it for repetitions.

Chest Stretch

A classic chest stretch will allow you to open up your tight chest muscles even more so. This stretch can be done on a wall, or with a chair or bench as demonstrated in the video above. This will give you finish your stretching routine perfectly, so we can then move into some active strengthening as well.

Band Pull Aparts

Grab that resistance band from the shoulder dislocations, and we can add in some band pull aparts. This movement will practice your ability to retract your scapula with resistance, greatly working your postural muscles. This exercise should ideally be done for higher repetitions (30+) for the best postural strengthening results.


Rows are one of the top rated back exercises used by individuals in the gym. They also pair extremely well with our perfect posture program, to fix neck hump and hunchback for good! Technically, you could do dumbbell or barbell rows, but I enjoy dumbbells. This allows you to really focus on one side of your body at a time, which can help correct any imbalances that may be leading to your neck hump.

Towel Chin Tucks

When it comes to fixing poor posture and neck hump, we need to also look at our neck in itself. Practicing some towel resisted chin tucks, will strengthen the muscles that help keep your cervical vertebrae in good position, and keep your overall neck healthy and pain free. If this is too challenging, you can start without using a towel and just practicing it without any resistance.

Dumbbell Pullover

Last but not least as a dumbbell pullover. Once you’ve mastered all of those exercises, this movement is icing to the cake. The dumbbell pullover provides a deep stretch on your chest and upper back muscles, combining mobility and strength in one. When starting out with this exercise, err on the side of caution and do lighter weight for higher repetitions.

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