7 BEST Mobility Walker Exercises (Limited Mobility Strength Routine)

Ditch the Walker!

If you are someone who is currently using a Walker, and wants to build the strength to reduce your Walker use, or even get rid of it altogether, this article, in addition to the video above, will help you to do exactly that. We will discuss the importance of doing strength exercises if you currently are using a Walker, and show you multiple great ways to improve your strength, to limit your Walker use.

The Importance of Strength

Using a Walker, for most individuals, is something that they usually want to get rid of. The best way to do this is through strengthening exercises. Just like a professional athlete trying to get better at their forty yard dash time, your body is able to adapt and get better, even if it doesn’t seem like it. The way we can do this, is by doing exercises specifically designed for your current ability and strength level. If any of these exercises cause pain, discontinue them. Also, there will be a few pieces of equipment that I will reference and use. I will link these below.

Mini Squats

Doing some mini squats are one of my favorite exercises to start with individuals that have limited mobility. This is a great movement to build leg and hip strength, which is crucial for everyday activities.

Banded Marches

This exercise will have you putting a resistance band around your feet arches, and practice marching your knees up and down on both sides as quickly as you can. This exercise is great because it strengthens your hip flexors, which help to keep your leg high.

Squat Pushes

This exercise is similar to the squats, except you will be actively pushing down on to the Walker with your arms, to help boost you up. The idea with this is that you will be strengthening your arms a bit more, instead of just your legs.

Walker Pushes

One of my favorite exercises to improve balance and confidence with walking, is Walker pushes. The best way to describe this is to have your Walker, and push it a couple feet in front of you. Next, you will try to walk forward to your Walker without any assistance. The more confident you become, the further you can push out the Walker.

Mini Split Squats

Another great exercise to strengthen your legs, is mini split squats. I like putting a balance pad or pillow on the ground, and finding a splits position. You will then try to lower your knee to the pad. Try adding another boost if you can’t get quite that low yet. Check out the video above if you are confused on what to do.

Agility Taps

Another thing that is crucial to do, is practice your agility and quickness. Individuals who use a Walker, usually aren’t able to move their body very quickly. By practicing these agility taps with agility dots, you can greatly reduce the risks of falls.

Walker Rows

The last exercise you can practice with your Walker is some upright rows. This won’t challenge your muscles too much, simply because the Walker doesn’t weigh that much. It will work the muscles slightly though, also challenging your balance as well.

That’s Not All!

If you want to continue to improve your balance and strength, you need to subscribe to our blog. We help individuals of all abilities inside the gym and become healthier in life. If you don’t want to do that, feel free to check out this other article I think you would also enjoy, showing you a few great ways to strengthen your body even with chronic pain.

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