CAP Barbell “The Beast” Review – Is This The Best of The CAP Barbells ?

CAP Barbell “The Beast” Review

Over the last few years, home gym popularity has increased heavily due to gym closures, and people still wanting to stay fit and healthy. This is great, because it has made people realize the benefits of having a home gym, namely being convenience and lowering of barriers to working out. The problem with making a home gym is well… the act of actually making the home gym. Picking your gym equipment is an overwhelming task, with so many brands, models, and sizes of equipment, knowing exactly what to purchase is difficult. Although this won’t be an extensive guide to purchasing equipment for a home gym, it will give a review of a barbell that I have used for a while, being the Cap Barbell Beast Barbell. This barbell is one of many CAP barbells, and could be potentially be a great option for your home gym. Hopefully, we will give you a great look at just one of the CAP Barbells out on the market.


When it comes to the build, this product is as sturdy as it gets. Some barbells feel like they could easily bend with an overload of weight. This simply isn’t on of them. I have felt extremely comfortable loading up 315+ pounds on this bar (I know I am weak) and completing a variety of exercises with it. I do a lot of olympic lifting where I am dropping the bar with bumper plates, and even after 2+ years of use, have not noticed any bending of the bar or issues with the bearings. Overall build and sturdiness is a 4.5/5.


At the time of writing this, the Beast Barbell is $241 on amazon. This is actually a lot more than I spent on it when I first purchased it. I was in the market for a cheap, budget barbell to start my home gym, and got a steal for around half off of what they are charging today. With that said, prices have gym equipment have gone up tremendously over the last couple years due to the market, and price of steel and other metal. Even with the current price tag, I still feel that it is an okay price. The great thing about this barbell is that it has free shipping through amazon, which can save a lot of money in the long run. If you are looking for a complete budget bar, this might not be exactly for you, BUT is a great option that will last a while for the price.


The knurling on this bar is perhaps one of favorite aspects of the bar. People who consistently work out know the importance of having a high quality knurling to be able to grab the bar well, and without pain. This knurling is fine, but also smooth. It feels very secure in my hands, but not like it is going to “cheese grate” my palms into oblivion. Two other things about the knurling. The knurling stops short about one inch from each end near the collars. This may prove to be challenging for people with longer arms who are performing a snatch. For most individuals, this shouldn’t be an issue. Also, there is no center knurling on this bar.


As I mentioned above, I do a large amount of olympic lifting with this bar, which says a lot about the quality of it. For the price of the bar, the bearings spin well, and the sound of it when it drops is normal too. If you have ever dropped a cheap barbell, even with bumper plates, you know how bad it sounds. When it comes to exercises that most people will do with this, like squats, deadlift, presses, etc, it is perfect for this.


Overall this bar offers a high quality, overall barbell that provides the user with a variety of exercise opportunities. Whether you are doing olympic lifting, powerlifting, or just general strength training, this all around barbell fits the bill. The price could potentially be a touch high for a first time buyer, but offers great quality and will last you a long time. I highly recommend this bar to anyone needing an all around bar that they don’t care about getting banged up with time.

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