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Finding healthy meal recipes that are both filling, nutritious, and easy to prepare is not always the easiest of tasks. In addition to this, even if the meal is easy to prepare, you still have to actually prepare the meal. As we can see, for a wide variety of reasons, finding time and motivation to make meals for the week is often a large chore, on top of the never ending list of actual chores for yourself. Because of this, numerous different meal preparation services have popped up across the globe. All of these have a primary goal of offering you quick and easy way to have a healthy meal option for yourself or family throughout the week.

What do they offer?

Healthy 2 Wholesome offers numerous different services to help individuals around the quad cities get their healthy meal fix on. Some of these services include:

  • Prepared and Frozen Meals
  • Fresh food from their “Kitchen in Preemption”
  • Cooking Classes and Events

We will start off by highlighting the main draw for individuals becoming involved with Healthy 2 Wholesome, bing their prepared and frozen meals.

Prepared and Frozen Meals

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, families often struggle finding healthy and quick ways to feed their families throughout the week. Healthy 2 Wholesome’s main service offers families a chance to receive just this. Whether you are looking for food for a few days, or a few weeks, the website let’s you decide between frozen and prepared meals. The frozen meals are typically a bit larger of a portion, feeding around four individuals. These meals are a great option for a busy day, offering a convenient and healthy last minute meal, when you are running your kids to soccer practice. In addition to this, Healthy 2 Wholesome also offers prepared meals as well. These are similar to the frozen meals, but aren’t frozen once they are prepared. These meals are completely fresh, and should ideally be reheated or eaten within a few days of purchasing. The types of food that they offer is an eclectic variation of flavors, including tex-mex, biscuits and gravy, chicken and veggies, and so many other popular favorites. The main reason I love the concept of Healthy 2 Wholesome is their use of fresh ingredients. All of their animal products they use in their recipes are sourced from local Illinois farms. In addition to this, many of the spices they use to flavor the foods are all done from scratch. Supporting Healthy 2 Wholesome will not only support local small business’ in the Quad Cites, but also support eating whole, natural foods without extra preservatives and such. Pickup locations for the meals include:

All of these locations have different times for drop-offs throughout the week. To find out when they are dropping off at the specific locations, I would recommend visiting to schedule a drop off.

Fresh food from their “Kitchen in Preemption”

At the time of writing this article, it is with great sadness that I have to message that their Kitchen in Preemption is closing due to unforeseen circumstances in Alyssa (the owners’s), life. Before the closure, the kitchen in preemption, offered local citizens around Preemption, Illinois to come in, and purchase their favorite cafe foods straight from Alyssa and her Staff. The kitchen sports numerous different foods including hot and cold sandwiches, homemade soups, smoothies, and even breakfast items to power you through the morning. Whether you are looking for something quick on the way to work, or a light lunch to enjoy with your family, the kitchen in preemption had you covered. Since I did mention that the kitchen is currently taking a break from operations, I recommend visiting to check out their current openings.

Cooking Classes and Events

Last but not least, is the cooking classes and events that allow individuals in the community to become more involved in the process. The cooking classes offer groups of around 10 individuals the opportunity to learn how to prepare and manage making freezer meals for themselves and families for the week. The meals are primarily prepared with raw ingredients, and offer around 4 servings per preparation. The meals are usually prepared in a freezer bag, and can be prepared quickly and easily by following the instructions given during the class. To find out more about their current classes, visit to see their openings.

In addition to this, Healthy 2 Wholesome is planning to offer Farm 2 Table Dinners. This is an experience that involves a visit during spring, summer and fall where they host a dinner their back patio that overlooks a beautiful lawn and crop fields. With the kitchen positioned near the edge of Preemption, it truly is a peaceful place to relax and enjoy a nutritious and home cooked meal. For the dinner, you’ll enjoy a four course meal that uses the same fresh and local ingredients offered in the frozen and prepared meals. For availability on the events, make sure to check out their website at

Healthy 2 Wholesome offers numerous options to get fresh and healthy food for individuals all across the Quad Cities. The owner, Alyssa, works hard to offer these options to the members in the

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