Titan Fitness T2 Power Rack 71 Inch Unboxing and Review

Titan Fitness T2 – 71 Inch Power Rack


I purchased this product off of the Titan Fitness website, with free shipping included. The product arrived at my doorstep within a couple weeks of ordering. I will say that if you are interested in purchasing the Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack, you can purchase them on Amazon, which is what I would have done. Feel free to check out the Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack with the Amazon link here: Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack. The box itself was incredibly heavy to bring inside. I actually needed to have some assistance to help me bring it in and down the stairs in my home gym basement. Unboxing everything was pretty straightforward, with lots of bubblewrap and plastic to move through. The shipping seemed fine, as there was no major dents or issues during the transit.


I was pleasantly surprised with the setup of the Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack. When you open up some of these products you initially think to yourself “why did I even buy this to begin with.” Although I did think this initially, the manual guided me to finish the project in about 3-4 hours. I did all of the build myself, although having an extra hand could have been advantageous at certain points. The Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack is pretty heavy, so make sure you are building it close to where you want it to stay. In addition to this, they do include a wrench to use in the package to help with the build. This isn’t the best of quality, and I would recommend having a ratchet and monkey wrench as well. Overall the setup was easy and straightforward.

Quality of Build

This is where you never know what you are fully getting. I read numerous reviews online and watched plenty of videos, but sometimes when you purchase fitness equipment, the quality of the steel and build is awful. The Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack was a solid build, with welds that were intact, in addition to having high quality steel support. With it completely upright now, I personally do not feel worried about it collapsing, breaking, and bending over time. Although I do not max out in my lifts during it, I would feel very comfortable with 300-500 pounds in the rack. You can also bolt the rack to the ground for extra support.


There are a few limitations to the Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack. One of the limitations that is actually a great selling point for the rack, is the fact that it is 71 inches. Being in a low ceiling basement, this was the option that worked the best for me. With that said, doing pullups is difficult because my feet start out dragging on the ground. I have to pull my knees up fairly high to be able to do a pullup. In addition to this, if you are tall, you need to be careful walking into the power rack itself. This is because I have hit my head numerous times on the uprights walking in and out of the Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack. Because of this, overhead pressing is impossible to pull off in the middle of the rack due to this height problem. You can move the j-hooks outside of the rack to squat and overhead press more freely (which is what I do.) You simply won’t have the extra safety supports assisting you if you drop the weights by chance. Lastly, the depth of the rack is shallow. If you are used to stepping out 5 feet every time you squat this will lead to some challenges for you. I personally am used to taking only a couple steps out of the rack when squatting so this isn’t much of a big deal. I actually do most of my squatting outside of the power rack portion, simply because I am never maxing out my weights. 


At the time of writing this article, the Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack is only $399 with free shipping on Amazon. (View Product: Titan T2 – 71 inch power rack.) You can occasionally find scratch and dent options which save about $50 off of the product on the actual website. I actually did purchase a scratch and dent version, which turned out well. 

Final Thoughts

I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is looking to upgrade their home gym. If you have low ceilings, this provides a perfect option that will not only give you extra support, but not bust your ceiling up as well.

Titan Fitness T2 – 71 Inch Power Rack

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