If Your Personal Trainer Does This… Fire Them ASAP!

FIRE Your New Personal Trainer

If you just hired a new personal trainer for yourself, and they are currently having you do crazy exercises like the one from the video above, and you are thinking “this seems really weird to do,” it probably would be a good time to fire them. The rest of the article will detail exactly why this is and the ultimate red flag that will get you to think twice about keeping them.

What’s Wrong With Your Personal Trainer

The exercise referenced in the video shows three separate movements or areas that we are trying to be worked with the specific exercise. This exercise, is a combination of a row, side leg swing (hip abduction), and a balance exercise. You might be asking “why is this a bad thing?” It all comes down to what is actually trying to be accomplished.

What Does a Leg Swing Accomplish?

The primary goal of doing a leg swing is to target the muscles on the outside of the hip, which are usually very weak in most individuals. In addition to this, the exercise can be made into a balance exercise, by trying to hold the leg out for a second, before bringing it back in.

What Does a Row Accomplish?

When it comes to the row, we are typically trying to work the muscles in our back, biceps, and our forearms or grip strength.

The Huge Issue

The huge issue with this, is that doing all of these exercises at once, makes it extremely less effective for each specific movement or muscle group you are working. Adding the balance and leg component to the row exercises, severely limits the amount of weight and overall strength you can build in your upper body. On the flip side, doing the row in addition to the leg swing, takes away from the balance and potential glute work you would get from that exercise. Trying to focus on a lot of things, really leads you to focusing on nothing. But this isn’t the biggest problem.

Here’s The Deal

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An Even Bigger Problem..

An even bigger problem can be when you ask your personal trainer what the purpose of the exercise is. If they respond to you with replies such as “it’s a good workout,” “to work your muscles,” or “to get you fit,” it’s time to write them their final check. They should know exactly what the purpose of the exercise or movement is, and how it can help you achieve your goals.

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