NEW Study Shows 11 Minutes of Exercise a Day is ALL YOU NEED

11 Minutes a Day is All You Need?

I came across this article the other day on the internet, saying that 11 minutes of exercise is all you need to reduce the chances of premature death due to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes complications, and other health concerns. Is this really the case? Let’s take a peak at what the article and study said.

What’s The Deal..

A study that was outlined in the British Journal of Sports Medicine did an analysis of 196 published articles to see if they could come to a conclusion about a more specific amount of exercise to do daily, to reduce chances of premature death due to the health complications listed above. Through their research, they noted that nearly 10% of premature deaths can be avoided with just 75 minutes of physical activity a week or 11 minutes a day. They did note that this needed to be of moderate-vigorous activity level. This conflicts slightly with the current ACSM cardiovascular guidelines which state at least 150 minutes of moderate OR 75 minutes of vigorous activity per day for American adults is recommended for optimal health. Moderate activity would be going out for a brisk walk, while vigorous activity could be playing a sport or going out for a jog. Regardless of either one you choose, both the ACSM and the publishers of the study, noted that the more exercise, the better.

Notable Statistics

Individuals who exercised 75 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise each week were actually 17% less likely in developing cardiovascular disease and 7% less likely to develop cancer, as compared to those who were sedentary. This all was of course from this study, not based off the ACSM guidelines often referenced for public health in Americans. As mentioned above, the benefits actually did increase as people exercised more. Ones who exercised for 150 minutes per week noticed a 27% decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and a 12% less risk of cancer incidence.


Although more exercise is typically better, there are point of diminishing returns. Exercising between 150-300 minutes of cardiovascular physical activity adds just a slight benefit to health, while over 300 is questionable if it really adds benefits. Exercising more than this through cardiovascular exercise like fast walking, jogging, or biking, might actually increase the risk of injury and dysfunction in the body for some at those high levels. In addition to this, the article doesn’t address the importance of weight training, either. This article just looked at cardiovascular exercise, which is great, but not the full picture. Without weight training 2-3x a week of full body exercises, you greatly increase the chances of developing chronic pain, poor strength, and loss of muscle mass through the years.

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