How to Crack Your Back By Yourself – Pop Your Back with a Foam Roller or Towel

Before you begin cracking your back you will need a little bit of equipment as mentioned. For this exercise, you will either need a foam roller or a rolled up towel. If you would like to purchase a foam roller for the exercise, feel free to click here. I personally think that the foam roller works better for cracking your back because it is much smoother and fluid than trying to do the same exercise on the towel. With that said, the towel, as long as it is rolled up firmly, will still work well. For the exercise itself, you will need to start with a large towel rolled up as firm as possible, or the foam roller lying on the ground. Be careful when doing this, and do it at your own risk. You way want to consult with your doctor before trying.

How To Crack Your Back By Yourself

Put yourself on the ground, with the foam roller or towel behind you. Hug yourself as tight as you physically can. (Try to wrap your arms as far around your body as possible.) Tuck your chin into your neck. While holding this position roll on the foam roller back and forth gently on your upper back area. If you are doing this with a towel, simply place your upper back directly on the towel and sit there. After about thirty seconds of either rolling around on the upper back with the foam roller, or sitting in the spot with the towel, you will briefly sit up. Quickly, put your hands behind your head, like you are in the position a cop would put you if you were getting arrested (hopefully you haven’t had practice with this.) Next, you are going to lean back onto the foam roller or towel in the same area you were before, opening your chest up big to the world. Usually this will get at least a few audible pops. If not, there will typically be some relief. If this doesn’t work for you right away, feel free to try it again. If it just isn’t popping, don’t force your back over and over again. Sometimes, it just isn’t in the right setting to do so. If you would like a video demonstration, check out the video at the top of the post, where we show exactly how to do this. As mentioned, you can grab a foam roller to make this exercise much easier to do.

If you keep up on this exercise, your back will likely feel much better! We hope this provides you with some relief and makes you feel ready to take on the rest of the day.

To visit the YouTube video, click here.

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