Best Knee Pain Exercise for Seniors – Strengthen Your Knees!

Knee pain is an incredibly common nuisance among individuals across the world. Nearly everyone at some point in their life will run into some forms of knee pain. Unfortunately, many individuals often think that complete rest and no movement will help reduce the chances of knee pain occurring. This is usually because individuals with disabilities or seniors think that the movement itself is what is causing the pain. Typically, it’s actually the lack of movement which is causing the tissue and muscles around the knee to become weak, leading to pain when movement does occur.

What should you do about this? There are lots of great exercises out there that will help you to improve the strength of the tissues and muscles around your knees. The main key is to provide your knee movement, without any pain. The exercise that I have found helps out the most with knee pain is slant board squats. These are a type of squat that slightly changes the angle of your knee during a squat, strengthening the area more directly

Check out our video we created demonstrating slant board squats here:

After you watched the video, if you are interested on trying these exercises for your self, the next step is grabbing a slant board. Although an initial investment, your knees and body will thank you dearly over time. I promise you won’t regret it! You can grab the same slant board I use here:

With time you will start to bring back life to your knees. To feel younger, stronger, and better off in life, start adding some slant board squats into your daily fitness routine today!

We are here to help you not just survive in your life, but THRIVE!


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