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Girl + food by cafe fresh is a fairly new eatery located off of Jersey Ridge in Davenport, Iowa. Being a male, I always figured that since the name of the restaurant said “girl” in it, that the restaurant was marketed towards woman. Of course, this is where my ignorance shows because I found out a few days before going that this wasn’t the case. I was thinking of places to take my mother out to eat for Mother’s day, and mentioned checking out the restaurant to her. Elated, she said “yes” and explained that the restaurant was owned by cafe fresh, which she had been to numerous times and enjoyed. After learning that they market fresh, wholesome food, not to just a “girl,” but anyone looking for nutritious and flavorful meals, I knew I was in!

Girl + food by cafe fresh Review

When looking at Girl + food by cafe fresh, I went ahead and split my thoughts on the Davenport restaurant into a few different parts, listed below.

  • Menu/Price
  • Food Order
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Overall Thoughts


This was of course the main reason that I decided to try out Girl + food by cafe fresh. Although I do enjoy my fair share of burgers and fries, I appreciate when nutritious food can be elevated to flavors that not only taste “healthy,” but genuinely good as well. When I first stepped into the restaurant, there is a large display of all of their different food options. These options range from various types of wraps, fresh salads, and many other soups and add ons. Most of the items were around 12-16 dollars, making it fairly reasonable for the quality of the food. I was torn on what to get, but was prompted to go with the lunch special. The lunch special was only $13 and included 1/2 a wrap or salad, in addition to one of their fresh soups. My mother got the barbacoa quesadilla wrap, along with chicken tortilla soup. I got for myself the chicken skinny wrap and red pepper gouda soup. We were planning on getting some of the ham and cream cheese pickle wraps as a side, but were pleasantly surprised when we found out that you get a large slice of one of the pickles with your lunch special! The options were endless, and very tough. They also had a fruity chicken wrap of the day which isn’t particularly my forte, but may suite you.

Food Order

My skinny chicken sandwich did not disappoint, highlighting various fresh veggies and greens, moist chicken, and a hummus that complimented, but not overwhelmed the wrap. The wrap had so many different greens and textures in it, making it very hard to put down. Although hard to believe, the red pepper gouda soup I got for myself was honestly better than the wrap (that is saying a lot.) The flavors were rich, and added a nice “dip” for my sandwich. When it came to my mother’s barbacoa wrap, and chicken enchilada soup from Girl + food by cafe fresh, it also was good. My mother and I both agreed that we wish there was more to the barbacoa quesadilla wrap, though. If you are someone who likes a basic meat and cheese dish, then this is for you. I enjoy lots of other flavors and textures, so it was a little underwhelming for me. The meat was tender and seasoned well, and did offer a solid base for the wrap. The chicken enchilada soup from Girl + food by cafe fresh did revive any doubt that was brought to me by the wrap. The soup was light but brought a true Mexican flavor that complimented the quesadilla wrap well. And of course, the pickle wrap that came on the side did not disappoint. Whatever type of meat they used to wrap the pickle was fresh, and distinct in flavor, along with the cream cheese type filling used with the pickle. Overall, the freshness of the food, especially for the price, was well worth the trip.


This is the one area where I am going to have a little more grace and understanding due to the staffing shortages post-covid. When we first ordered our food, the restaurant was pretty packed due to it being lunch time. I noticed quickly that there was really only one lady who was taking orders at the front, and running the food out to the customers. There was someone extra to provide assistance bussing, but overall there was not a lot of coverage. Because of this, I am assuming that there was likely on one cook at Girl + food by cafe fresh making all of the orders in the back. The food did take about 25 minutes to come out from the time we ordered, which made it a much longer lunch than intended. With that said, all of the staff was extremely friendly and provided assistance with anything we needed. Another reason I would cut Girl + food by cafe fresh some slack is that the food was very fresh. Having made to order fresh and healthy food does take longer to prepare vs. flipping 100 burgers on a grill for customers. If you are considering going here, I would recommend budgeting some extra time if you are pressed for it


Ending on a high note, the atmosphere at Girl + food by cafe fresh was elegant and simple. I can’t describe specifically the type of atmosphere, but it had numerous different fixtures, displays, and decorations that made it feel modern and homey. I always enjoy eating at places with a unique atmosphere, and Girl + food by cafe fresh fit the “unique atmosphere” profile wonderfully. The other aspect of the restaurant is the outdoor seating, which did not favor the rainy and cold midwestern day. I enjoy eating indoors normally, so this wasn’t much of a bummer, but I will say the outdoor seating looked spacious, and would be great on a summer night.


My overall experience eating at Girl + food by cafe fresh was extremely positive. From the second I stepped in, the decor made me feel at home, while being a wonderful environment to enjoy fresh, and healthy food. If you are looking for a new option to enjoy for lunch or dinner, Girl + food by cafe fresh, is your place. One of the best things, for me, is when I leave a restaurant satisfied and full, but not lethargic and tired. This was 100% the case when I left, as I took on the rest of the day with energy due to the nutritious food (that did not lack in flavor.) Give Girl + food by cafe fresh a try for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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