How to Find MET Values for Physical Activity

The wide wonderful world of METs has many different activities that allows us to compare the different difficulty levels of our favorite physical activities. Well, where can you find these values?

If you are unsure what I’m talking about when I say “MET,” go check out the article here that details the topic nicely.

When it comes to finding MET values, you can do two things. The first being, you can use an actual oxygen consumption machine that scientists use to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide levels during physical activity. Doesn’t sound very practical, right? Well it isn’t.

What I do, rather, is take the hard work the scientists have collected and stored and simply view it myself. The compendium of physical activity is one of my favorite resources for this. Feel free to check out the compendium below.

And that’s it! Browse the website and find your favorite activities to view their given MET values. You’d probably be surprised at what some of your activities are!

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