From Open Heart Surgery to FIT at 60 in 3 MONTHS! (Longevity, aging, & fitness)

Becoming Fit For Life

In this weeks video podcast, we will be talking with Ken from the Kettlebell Ken YouTube channel about his experiences on how he became fit and healthy at 60 years old. We will be covering topics like how to become fit at any age, how to age gracefully, how to deal with setbacks in the gym, starting workouts at any age, dealing with pain when exercising, and much more. If you’re interested in learning how to stay fit and healthy as you get older, then our podcast recording above is for you! Ken’s story from starting out as a younger gentleman, initially being into powerlifting and ultra endurance activities, and slowly transitioning into longevity based training, will give you some great insight on how to live the longest and most fulfilling life for yourself. It was an honor to have Ken on the channel, and we hope you enjoy our discussion.

Kettlebell Ken YouTube Channel

Hold On!

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