Best At-Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors – Workout Equipment for Elderly

Senior Exercise Equipment

Finding the right exercise equipment for seniors can be a daunting and confusing task. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know what to get! We went ahead and created this article to help seniors or individuals who work with seniors some options in equipment for at-home workouts. Keep in mind these are just a few of many different pieces of equipment that one can get for their low impact at-home workouts.

Links for the equipment can be found below. These are all Amazon links that are through their associate program. We do receive a small commission from purchase with the links. We have used all of this equipment, and believe it to be the best available currently for seniors.


Dumbbells are a free weight that allows you to do numerous exercises to strengthen your body. For older adults, 5 pounds is recommended for women, 10 pounds is recommended for men.

Ankle Bands

Ankle bands go around your ankles and provide you numerous ways to strengthen your leg muscles. These are a great option for strengthening the legs either seated or standing.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands offer a portable and cheap way to strengthen your joints and muscles in your entire body. Different handles allow grip to be comfortable with hands that might have stiffness from arthritis.


If you struggle with leg strength and balance, hurdles are for you. These are adjustable, portable, and help work balance and strength.


Sliders offer a variety of ways to gently work your leg muscles in a low-impact manner. Sliders also help improve your balance! (Not to be confused with the small burgers.)

Balance Pad

A must for seniors! Portable, and light, balance pads are a great way to work on your instability on uneven ground. Consistently working on a balance pad will keep you stable and moving well.

Agility Dots

Fun with colors! Agility dots provide a great way to practice balance and agility. Use the dots as placemats to practice quick taps or standing in place. Although simple, the bright colors allow older adults with poor eyesight to see them better.

Starting out with a couple of these items will help you turn your at-home workouts from boring to better in no time!

If you are interested in following any of our low impact programs that we have used to help numerous seniors improve their balance, strength, and health, you can check them out below!

A FREE guide for low impact equipment can be found on this page here.

We are here to help you not just survive in your life, but THRIVE!


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