Avoid The Physical Therapist at All Costs

Physical therapy is something that is incredibly common among many of the older adults and individuals with special needs that I work with. It is almost a norm for many of the individuals that I work with to consider that they will have to go to the physical therapist at some point in their lives. This is a flawed frame of mind, and usually because individuals often neglect their health and wellness through the years, until a point where their body is simply run down from all of the years of misuse. This is then when many of the individuals I work with start knocking on the doors of physical therapy offices to help fix their body. What if you could avoid going to the physical therapist from the start? The great news, is that you can. Avoiding the physical therapist at all costs simply means to take your physical health into your own hands, so you don’t have to visit them down the road. The best way we can do that, as demonstrated in the video above, is through consistent physical activity. Let’s look through a basic low impact workout program that you can do at home, to help you avoid the physical therapist at all costs.

Avoid The Physical Therapist

The exercise routine that we will follow to help you avoid the physical therapist, is the exact low impact workout program we have on our website. If you would like to purchase the program for yourself, to have a physical copy, you can find it here:

If you don’t want to purchase the program, you can follow along the exercises in our YouTube video above. All of these exercises you will try to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. If you can only do one set, that’s okay! Start there and move up. We will use some equipment in the exercises, so check out our product recommendations below

Exercises to Avoid the Physical Therapist

Sit to Stand

For the sit to stand, you will have a sturdy bench or chair behind you. Then, you will put your hands out in front, and use your leg muscles to help you stand all the way up out of the chair, and all of the way back down. Make sure you are controlling the descent going down into the chair. This exercise will work your legs, glutes, and core.

Double Leg Raise

The double leg raise targets the muscles that help you lift your legs up, in addition to your core. For the double leg raise, hold onto the chair with both arms. Next, you will bring your knees up high to the sky, holding for a second, and then back down to the ground. The movement itself is very small, but will work your core extremely well. Make sure you do not lean back too far when you are bringing your legs up.

Upright Row

Start seated in a chair. For the upright row you will hold either your dumbbell, weight, or backpack starting on the ground. Next, while holding it, you will bend your elbows and pull the bag up to your chest as high as possible, and then slowly back down. This is an excellent exercise to work your arms, upper back, and even your lower back!

Step Ups

Step ups are a great workout to help you get stronger for going up stairs and other uneven areas. For the step ups, you will simply have your stepper or stairs in front of you. Next, you will step up onto the stepper, and then slowly back down. Make sure to repeat on both legs. You can also step forward off the step to make this movement more like going down a stair. This will work slightly different muscles.

Wall Pushup

The last exercise will target all of the upper body muscles that help with pushing. If you accidentally fall on the ground, this exercise will help you greatly in strengthening the muscles to get off the ground. For the wall pushup, simply find a sturdy wall. Step about three feet away from the wall. Then, you will put your hands on the wall in front of you, slowly lower your head to the wall, and push yourself back away from the wall. As noted in the video, make sure that your body stays straight throughout the entire movement.

Equipment from video

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