Adult Day Services in the Quad Cities – Jane’s Place at CASI (Center for Active Seniors Inc.)

When looking for an appropriate place to have your older loved ones go during the day, it can create quite a bit of stress. With so many unknowns on what kind of people will be there, how the environment will be, and how your loved one will react, you might even consider not sending them to any place altogether. Although tricky to find the right place, there are many adult day centers in the Quad Cities that can provide your loved one a wonderful place to go during the day, while providing yourself some much needed respite. The rest of this article will highlight a few key points of the adult day center attached to CASI (Center for Active Seniors Inc.)

What is a Day Like?

At Jane’s Place, there is a variety of things that go on through the day. If you choose to go the entire day, they have different activities, including meals, that can line the day. Some of the activities that go on are arts and craft, low impact exercise, billiards, games, trivia, ceramics, bible study, and much more. These games and activities are ran and supervised by qualified professionals who have experience working with older adults of all abilities. In addition to the activities, your loved one will also be able to have breakfast, a morning snack, and lunch at the center. These meals are specifically designed to be compliant with the Older American Act. Medications are also available to be passed throughout the day to ones who need it. Lastly, but definitely not least, frequent hygiene and restroom reminders, in addition to needed transfers will be given throughout the day to ensure dignity and care to the individuals at the center. I also wanted to highlight that there is a registered Nurse on site 3 out of the 5 days during the week.

Who is it For?

Jane’s Place is designed for individuals of all mental and physical capabilities. This could involve individuals with brain injuries, intellectual disabilities, memory related diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and any other mental, physical, or emotional impairment. Each individual will be treated according to their specific ISP plan lined through the state.

Costs and Logistics

Jane’s Place is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. The location of Jane’s Place is actually right next to CASI (connected to the building.) The address is 1035 West Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52806. The cost for one full day is $75.45. This includes supervision, meals, and all of the activities mentioned above. To be part of the program, you do need to attend Jane’s Place at least one day per week. When it comes to getting your loved one to and from the center, there are a few options. Of course, you can drop off and pick up yourself whenever is convenient. In addition to this RBT (River Bend Transit) is available for round trip usage from your home, to the center, and back. There are also many other independently owned companies who provided transportation for individuals you care for as well. I wanted to bring this picture I found on the CASI website into light as well, showing the true cost of going to Jane’s Place vs. going to in home facilities. The cost difference is quite staggering! To pay for the services, you can go through Medicaid Through Iowa, accessing VA benefits, using long term care insurance, or even paying out of pocket.

More Information

If you are looking for more information on where to sign your loved one up for Jane’s Place OR to even learn more about CASI, you can follow the link here. The address, once again, is 1035 West Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52806. You can also call the front office at  563-386-7477.

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