9 Best Balance Equipment for Seniors: Reduce Falls & Improve Coordination

Balance Equipment For Seniors

This article is going to address some of the best balance equipment that seniors and beginners can use to improve the steadiness on their feet and reduce the risk of falls. These are tools I use with seniors that I work with, and can spice up the normal balance routines that individuals normally do without equipment. Let’s take a look at some of these implements!

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Why Add Equipment?

For starters, I wanted to briefly address why we would use equipment. Although adding equipment to your balance routine isn’t necessary, it can make certain drills more challenging on both your balance and muscles. In addition to this, it can also act as a great way to add variety into balance routines. Normally, individuals stop doing exercise routines because it becomes boring and not fun to do. Adding in some implements can make it much more enjoyable to do long term.

Best Balance Equipment

Agility Dots

Agility dots are something I use frequently to help practice moving quickly, and giving a place for seniors to step to. They are also colorful and easy to see, helping greatly with visual impairment in individuals.

Balance Hurdles And Cones

I also like to use balance hurdles for the individuals I work with, as this really challenges hip mobility and strength, in addition to their balance. The ones I use are adjustable as well so it offers a good variation depending on capability level. The great thing about the set of hurdles that I use, is that they also come with a set of cones as well. This make a great balance implement tool to help mark where you need to move.


I enjoy using steppers because it not only works your leg strength and balance, but also your ability to go up stairs and curbs better, which is directly challenging on coordination.

Balance Pad

What balance program would be complete without a balance pad? This offers a unique stimulus as you become incredibly unsteady with the addition of the implement. In addition to this, the equipment is extremely cheap and portable offering usage for any area needed.

Ankle Bands

Ankle resistance bands are perfect for challenging your balance and leg strength in the same motion. By restricting the movement of your feet, you are able to really work your stability and improve your steadiness!


Weights aren’t just great for strength, as most free weight exercises take a large amount of balance to complete. By challenging your strength and balance with weighted squats, lunges, and carries, you not only hone in on your steadiness, but work your body in an entirely new way!

Tennis Balls

Dust off those old tennis balls, as we can use them to work your balance and coordination! I do so many different hand eye coordination drills with the seniors I work with, that having tennis balls handy are always a great choice.


Last but not least is some workout sliders. These are a perfect way to work your balance in a unique and low impact way. You will quickly find out when using these how much they challenge your balance as well!

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