61-Year-Old Super Athlete OWNS 25-Year-Old Fitness Influencer | Mace Workout Challenge

61-Year-Old Super Athlete OWNS 25-Year-Old Fitness Influencer

In the YouTube video linked above, the host introduces a 61-year-old guest, Ken, who’s a fitness enthusiast, demonstrating that age is not a limiting factor in staying active and fit. They explore the use of a fitness tool called the mace, focusing on its functional fitness benefits. The mace, which comes in various weights, is utilized for exercises that improve mobility, strength, and cardio fitness. The video showcases the 25-year-old fitness influencer, Logan. Attempting mace exercises and finding them challenging, emphasizing the importance of mastering the basics and gradually progressing in weight. They discuss using lighter maces or even household items like sledgehammers for beginners. The 61-year-old athlete demonstrates various mace exercises, highlighting the engagement of the core and upper body muscles. Make sure to check out the podcast that Ken and Logan did together, below, after subscribing to our blog to stay up to date on all of the beginner fitness and health content we have to offer!

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