1 Mile Power Walking Challenge

1 Mile Power Walking Challenge

Ready to take on a challenge that tests your speed and cardiovascular health? Welcome back to All Strong Fitness, where we believe in improving health for all ability levels. Today, we’re stepping up the pace with our 1 Mile Power Walking Challenge! 🏁🏆 In the video linked above, we’re not just walking, we’re power walking! We’ll cover a mile as quickly as we can, pushing our limits and testing our fitness. But that’s not all! This challenge also serves as a VO2 max test, giving you a measure of your cardiovascular fitness. So, lace up your walking shoes, set your stopwatch, and let’s see how fast you can power walk a mile! Remember, it’s not about being the fastest—it’s about being your fastest. Let’s get moving! Make sure to check out the video above to join the challenge!

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