1 Month Fitness Challenge: 5 Realistic Goals and How To Achieve Them

You Can Do It!

If you struggle with creating fitness goals that are challenging for yourself, but also doable? Our most recent livestream recording, linked above, talks about five great fitness goals for beginners that are both easy to do, and offer some great benefit. For the full recording, feel free to click above to view it! Otherwise, we will link the five bulleted points below that were discussed in the livestream. To see how best to achieve them, I would highly recommend visiting the video for practical tips.

5 Realistic Fitness Goals You Can Do in Just 1 Month

Exercise 7 Times for One Hour During the Month

  1. Every 4.5 days average
  3. Make it Enjoyable
  4. Scheduling is Key

Eliminate Liquid Calories From Your Diet (mostly)

  1. Where do liquid calories come from?
  2. Drink 16 oz water before drinking other liquid calories
  3. Drinking 16 oz water before every meal
  4. Add in diet options

Jog 1 mile in Under 12 minutes

  1. Break Down The Difficulty 
  2. Average walking pace is 3mph
  3. Walk/jog mile repeats
  4. Incline walking at gym
  5. Jog more

Do Your First Push-up or Pull-up (or five more)

  1. Practice variations of movement 
  2. Focus on Protein Intake
  3. Plan it into day
  4. Make it a challenge

Sleep 9 Hours a Night

  1. Budget out your time
  2. Start Small 
  3. Bed time=bed time (no tv)
  4. Phone placement
  5. Caffeine Intake
  6. Alcohol Consumption
  7. Lean Towards Stress management

Once again, make sure you check out the full recording above as we dive into all of these different points, and see how they can be applied to your life.

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