Why Should Someone Exercise? – Improve Your Quality of Life

Exercise is an activity that provides a large amount of physical, mental, and even emotional benefits for individuals who participate in it consistently. Many of these benefits of exercise are known, but usually brushed off when we consider the time and effort that might go into participating in an exercise program. In addition to this, some individuals might actually be new to exercising and not know all of the potential benefits that one can produce from being consistently physically active. These individiduals will ask a frequent, and valid question. Why should someone exercise?

Why Should Someone Exercise?

As stated above, we have technically spoken on “why” someone should exercise. This was in the most general sense in that it improves varying aspects of health. We can dig a little bit deeper into this, and actually look at exercising improving your health, to improve your quality of life. If you aren’t familiar to the term “quality of life,” this simply refers to how much enjoyment and ease you have doing activities of daily living. Many of the older individuals that I have worked with over the years, may have lived long lives, but their quality of life suffered as they got older. This was mainly due to neglecting health over the years, and not being able to make up the lost time. When I get asked “why should someone exercise?” this is one of the things I typically bring up. Although you can’t immediately see the decrements in health when you are younger, neglecting diet, physical activity, and nutrition, will affect your quality of life tremendously as you age.

Improve Your Quality of Life

To recap, improving your health through becoming more physically active will allow you to improve your quality of life overall. Quality of life is especially important as one gets older, as many individuals lose independence, along with their quality of life. A little exercise goes a long way in regards to improving your quality of life. I always tell people to start small and build up as they gain confidence and find things that they like. Thanks for reading!

We are here to help you not just survive in your life, but THRIVE!

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